Hi friends.

Have been a week or two since i wrote here, i have been very busy with our new house, friends, training and internet and social media just haven’t been a priority lately. I wont stop writing on this blog but sometimes i just need to stay of the internet for a while.

About my training; it has been going well and i very much enjoy going to the gym, i have done 11 weeks of my new training program and this week i am not going to the gym but just resting my body. Lifting weights puts a lot of stress on your nervous system, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. To avoid over training and de-motivation my 12th week is recovery week, cant wait to get back in the gym next week 🙂

On Sunday i had a massage session with Dang at Otto bar that is back on the island, i still recovering from that 🙂 Today i will do some very light exercise and then one hour of yoga.

Lately i have been a bit sloppy with my drinking and had a few beer now and then, i am happy to say it haven’t affected my weight or training noticeably. My weight is still under 80 kilo even though my muscles are bigger, next week will be 100% focus on the training though 🙂

Last weekend i went to Krabi for Ao Nang Bikeweek, here is a few pictures from it:

Early morning before leaving for Ao nang.
Meeting up with my old friend Joe in Krabi Town.
Arrived at the Bike Fest around 9 pm.

Hanged with the Outsiders MC and a couple of other friends.
Live performance by Carabao was great 🙂

On the ferry to Lanta the Next day.

This weekend that is coming up are we supposed to go to Samui Bikeweek, but haven’t decided yet.

More to come about that next time.

Have a great day.




A lot of changes


Sorry that i haven written anything here for a while. It has been a very busy week for me, we are moving out from NOON Restaurant temporarily while we wait for a new contract. We have rented a big house in Saladan and both that and my garage are being filled with stuff from the restaurant.

I have moved my workshop that i had at Noon to the garage, it is great to have all my tools at one place.

About the move, the truth is i can not tell you exactly what is going to happen with the restaurant but everything is going according to our plan. I will write more about this when everything is official. In the mean time i will write about the things i am allowed to disclose so far.

I have been following my training schedule now for 8 weeks and it has given great results. More muscle and a steady weight just below 80 kg means my BMI is slowly getting lower. I must confess i have had a couple of drinking nights this week. Yesterday was Thai New Year, Songkran water festival and as tradition everyone splashes water on each other, drinks a lot of booze and have fun.

The day started early with our staff in the temple in Oldtown with traditional Songkran celebration.

Our staff giving food for the munks.

Everyone had food at Kao Yai Restaurant and after that it was of to long beach to party all afternoon. Noon was closed to give the staff some fun time off.

I took the car back to Saladan to first go to the gym and then join in the celebration later in the afternoon, it was tough to stay motivated at the gym knowing everyone was out having fun but Thursday is leg training day and has to be done.

Today i woke up around 10 am with a headache, long time since that happened but definitely worth it. Noot left early for an appointment in Trang and i have been fixing in our new house all day. Went to the gym around 8 pm for shoulders, traps and forearm training day. I had a great workout despite the night before, checked my blood pressure when i got home and everything looked fine despite some alcohol and a bit less healthy food over Songkran.

The blood pressure seems to be ideal, very happy for that and i was  not really resting either 🙂

Heart-rate rated as excellent but when i am really relaxed i am convinced that i would pass for athlete these days. Not bad for a 52 year old who was in really bad shape 6 months ago.

So i am patting my self on the back for this and feel pretty proud about it 🙂

Have a great day all.









Been going 5 months to the gym now and it is starting to pay off. Still have a long way to go to get to where i would like to be but it is getting closer.

No six pack yet but but definitely getting closer, you can see the outlines and my abdominal split is just about healed up. Staying away from sugar as much as i can combined with a healthy diet most of the time really helps me to feel much better both physically and mentally.

I really am happy that i changed my life around before it was too late, knock on wood. Who knows what happens tomorrow all we can do is do the best we can and be true to ourselves. I was happy to wake up today and realize that i have been sober for a week since my friends birthday last Thursday and i haven’t even thought about it.. weird but good 🙂

Talking about sugar… saw this outside a 7 eleven in Saladan the other day, the biggest sugar villain in the world (maybe) have a BMI meter outside 🙂 Try to find something sugar free in your local 7 eleven and you will quickly realize it is like mission impossible. Do they do this on purpose to make people depressive 😉


Thats it for today folks, tomorrow i will go a quick trip to Krabi to get some stuff for a house we rented in Saladan. more about that in a couple of days.

Have a great day all.


Nothing to report


Tonight is Sunday night and i been spending the day at home working on different web project, i have a new idea that i really believe in and will execute next season if i can find the right location for it.

I finished the website for my friends new restaurant in Sweden, it turned out quite ok.

Redners Restaurang & Catering

The page is in Swedish only for now.

Been having 3 massages Thursday to Saturday to fix up my legs properly again, it turned out good. Today i´ve been resting from any physical activity.

Here is my massage therapist for the moment, her name is Tuk from Summer Leaf Lanta. She is a strong little lady with lots of knowledge, happy that i have found her. I will continue using her services until Dang hopefully comes back again.

Otherwise there is nothing much to report, the weather dominates of rain and wind every afternoon. It seems like monsoon season took a months break and then continued..

Had a long talk to my mom today over the phone, she is depressed over not being able to use her legs properly and being stuck in a wheelchair in her serviced apartment. It´s frustrating to be so far away and not be able to be there to comfort her, all i can do is try to convince her to fight on and train her muscles so she can get out of that chair again. It has been a long winter i presume, hope the warm spring weather will do her good. I will be there first thing when i get to Sweden in June, i´m happy at least that she have my kid brother near by in difficult times.

Here is a lovely picture of my mom when she was young. I miss her.

No alcohol or bad food for 4 days now, happy about that.  Tomorrow is gym day again, longing for that hour of just me, the music and the weights.

“Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak
And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up
But you gotta search within you
And gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you
And get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face, and collapse.”

Have a great day all.


To the party and back..


Today is Friday and everything is back to my normal routine again.

On Wednesday there was a biker meet that some of the local bikers organizes every year, this time it was in Long Beach. I did my Thursday gym routine one day early in case it turned out to be a ” wet” night.

The band (Mister Sister) for the night was from Ao Nang and played a lot of punk/heavy rock classics.

Most of the local bikers and a few “Outsiders” had shown up despite a very rainy day, luckily the rain stopped after sunset.

It was a fun night to remember and i was home around 2.30 am.

On Thursday i woke up almost at mid day but felt fresh because i did not drink much the night before. Went for a massage and then of to my friend Buch 40 year Birthday.

It turned out to be a very nice night, for a present he had got a night at a luxury villa on a hilltop near Long beach. We had some nice food and drink, my first pizza in a while.

The view from the terrace was stunning and the private swimming pool a nice touch 🙂 Intentionally everyone left a bit early to let Buch and his girlfriend have some private time and enjoy their amazing villa.

During the night i had this dream about my father that left this life far to early. We were sitting at the kitchen table chatting as we often did, i remember thinking.. but you are dead and asking him if he was ok.. he replied,; Yes i´m fine just a little back pain. When i woke up, for a few seconds i was still so happy and convinced he was still alive.. but of course it was just a dream. I miss him. Today has been one of those days when i really miss my parents. I will be home visiting my mom in June, really looking forward to that.

Here is my father on a AJS, 500cc that he bought on the 2nd of may 1953. We both always really shared the love of motorcycles.

Otherwise today, as i said in the beginning… everything is back to normal again, been to the gym, had another massage to try to get my legs sorted and no junk food only healthy stuff to eat again. Tomorrow i will do one more leg massage then rest and work a bit with my dogs.

Have a great day all.


Man and Machine.


On Monday 11 am i had time service my Triumph Bonneville in Phuket close to Phuket Town. The reason i haven´t ridden it so much lately is i get a lot of pain in my legs after a while when riding long distances. Riding to Phatthalung last week was no exception and it made the last leg on the trip less enjoyable than it could have been. I have been working on this idea with highway pegs for a year or so now, actually my brother who is a blacksmith was supposed to build me a pair but i know he is very busy with his own projects. The other day i set of to meet one of the local blacksmiths on the island.

After a few visits he managed to build me something that could pass for a pair of highway pegs.

Not as nice looking as if my brother would have done it i´m sure but i was pretty pleased with the result.

Here is the pegs fitted om my dirty bike, did not bother to wash it before the Phuket trip.

So Sunday i went to the gym to do the “monday” scheduled workout and then i was on my way to Krabi for the night.

Stayed in our condominium in Krabi town over night, it was a very improvised stay because of the last work finally being done there. In the morning i left early for Phuket and 250 km later i arrived at Triumph, my back and legs felt much better than previous rides because of the ability to stretch out on the highway pegs.

Not much to do around there but wait, the service took about 3 and a half hours and i spent time checking out the bikes and just relaxed in their big comfy sofas.

When it finally was time to go back, of course it started raining so had to put on my rain gear. The rain lasted all the way to the Phuket bridge and then it stopped, i took a chance and took it of  and was lucky enough not to have any rain all the way to Ko lanta.

On the way back i stopped in Ao Luek to stretch my legs, the highway pegs did miracles for me and i felt quite ok. I think i did almost 600 km in one day and i still felt quite good.

Good enough to take a selfie with Mickey and The Hulk 😉 When i got back i had a great well deserved burger and an ice cold beer at Cheeky Monkey in Klong Dao before returning to the garage and finally home.

Today the plan is to wash the bike, go to the gym and finally have a massage tonight. Have a great day all.




Trouble downhill


Went for a quick trip to Krabi the other day, ran some errands and had some nice Korean BBQ with Noot.

It is a great way to eat together, just pick the things you like and eat as much as you want.

There is plenty of produce to choose from.

Plenty of proteins, salads and desserts.

Pretty good value for 179 baht if you go for the healthy stuff.

This morning i went to Saladan to pick up the daily groceries for the restaurant, on the way back just before NOON Restaurant just down the hill i encountered this.

A buss full of Thai tourists had just had an accident.

One western tourist on a motorbike accidentally got stuck under the buss when it flipped over.

Luckily no one was badly hurt (otherwise i wouldn´t have taken any pictures) and medical assistance was in place very quickly.

The situation was handled quickly by the local police and not before long i was able to pass and finally arrive home at the restaurant.

An hour later when i was on my way to Saladan to go to the gym they had managed to get the buss back on it´s wheels again.

On the way i noticed that a couple of new medical clinics had popped up, the big business continues.

How many do we have on the island now, does anyone keep count…

Tonight i spent the better half of the night playing FarCry Primal on my computer even though i should probably sleep instead. Well it was a long time since i played last time, i find it to be great fun to just loose myself in a good computer game for a few hours now and then..

Tomorrow is “Shoulders, traps and forearms” day at the gym, looking forward to that.

Now time for bed, have a great day tomorrow all and stay safe on the road wherever you are.


Riders pain


Took my Triumph for a spin the other day all the way to Phatthalung to spend the night and see Noot and her parents a bit. It is amazing how i´m a magnet for rain 🙂 There has been no rain for quite some time now but at sunset just before i reached Trang it hit, big rain, thunder and lightning. But this time i came prepared, the weather gods did not get me wet this time.  When i was in Sweden last time i bought proper rain gear, jacket, pants, gloves and slip on waterproof shoe covers. The rain stopped not long after i got my gear on and the last leg between Trang and Phatthalung went like a breeze. It was nice to get away from Lanta a bit, the next morning i left mid day to go back home again. I´t was a beautiful day and the ride was enjoyable.

Between Trang and Phatthalung.

The distance between Ko Lanta and Phatthalung is 110km as a straight line but much longer by road, i guess i did about 400 km in 18 hours. I stopped for a break in Pak Meng Beach for lunch.

Pak Meng

When i got back home my back and bottom felt pretty sore, i did not have a proper massage for a while and the ones i had with Dang lately was just to stretch my legs for flexibility. A few days before i left for Phatthalung i remember reading a post in a local facebook group recommending good massage places on the island, i looked it up before i took of to the gym that day. Of course Dang came highly recommended but that did not help me much she being off the island and all. Other recommendations was Manee Lanta and Summer Leaf Lanta both located in Klong Kong. I had been to Manee a few times before i found Dang, she is very good at her trade but i prefer Dang´s style of massage before hers. Anyway that day i slowed down outside Summer Leaf Lanta to take a peak and stumbled on the owner that was just coming back from the government office. Her name is P.P, don´t ask me what it stands for 🙂 , we had a good chat, her English was pretty good. She told me her “master masseuse” was very good at her trade and came highly recommended by a lot of customers. Before i left she gave me a business card and told me i was welcome back any time.

On Saturday when i came back from my trip i decided to go check it out the day after, and i did.

So i´m walking in to SLL and are greeted by P.P. in the door , she tells me the good masseuse are free and have time for me right now. We agree that i should have a 1 1/2 hour oil massage to fix up my sore shoulders and legs, i say: Great lets go 🙂 Out comes this short a bit elderly woman and presenting herself as; Tuck tuck, she ask me to take my shorts and shirt of and lay down on my stomach. With dang i usually have a pair of thin shorts on and i´m not much for taking my clothes of in front of people i don´t know but what the hell, they have drapes here. So i´m laying there on the bed in my underwear and waiting for it to start, the woman starts to massage me very softly for a while and asks me if i´m ok all the time, does it hurt? I´m thinking this not going to go well, i´m used with Dang´s hands of steel and i am not doing this for pleasure. I tell her she don´t need to be so soft with me, i can take the pain..  She finally gets it and starts checking my blemishes out, the truth is it turned out great.. she found my bad spots, corrected some things in my legs and back and after a while i had to ask her if she was ok? 🙂 She told me with a smile that i was very hard work,  my muscles was very keng(hard). Tuk Tuk had a bit different softer but still distinct approach on the muscles than Dang which was not bad at all, we will see what it can do. Overall it was a great massage and we agreed that i should come back next Sunday to do some more work on my legs. I´m happy to have found this lady, strong hands, lots of knowledge and also my type of humor i think. A bit pricey for 600 baht but absolutely worth the money, i´m looking forward to the next time.

Today i woke up and my body felt much better again, went to the gym for “back and biceps” day.

Got stuck in the rain at the gym but i can think of worse places to be 😉 Tomorrow i´m back for chest and triceps, happy days 🙂

Have a great day all!




Home alone, Noot is in Phathalung with her father for a few days. Noot´s mom went on a buss tour from their village to go and respect the Thai King so Noot´s at home taking care of her dad.

So sitting here in front of my computer and getting nostalgic 🙂 There is much to be said about my childhood, but i am not going to bore you with that.  There is also much to be said about my school years, they were not a happy time for me and i tend not to go down that road in my mind too often.

Anyway i grew up out in the countryside of Sweden, close to Arlanda international airport. When i was 15 i got my first motorbike and got a job at the airport for the weekends making sandwiches for the planes.

Winter or summer me and my friends was always on those bikes, me back and forth to work as soon as i was free from school. In the small community where we lived there were no or almost no foreigners at all and i remember the first day at work coming to a place that was a melting pot of nationalities. I loved it, the job was so stressful but the people there was just amazing. Many happy memories and many tragedies happened there in the forthcoming years, i lost friends and made friends. I remember a Greek guy named Emanuel, he was in charge of one of the sandwich departments, he literally worked himself to death. He was always so stressed, there was always a deadline to be met and one day when he was off work at home in Uppsala he had a heart attack and died. We were all devastated and sad, not long after that another friend, a finish girl named Satu died in a car accident on the way from a late night on the town.

It was a really tough environment to work in but what choice do people have, everyone have to make a living.  I remember a girl named Lin Chi from Thailand, we worked together very often. She was the most beautiful girl i ever seen, smart, funny and very different from most Swedish girls i knew. She was married to a Swedish man and they had recently had a kid, at that time i was studying in high school in a town nearby, i had just got my driver licence and bought my first car. Sometimes when we were free she called me and i visited her at her home when her husband was at work, it was obvious were this was leading. We both agreed not to take it any further for her family’s sake, tough but just decision i guess..

I did my military service in an island called Gotland, my parents used to take me and my brother there every summer from when we were little. I have some great childhood memories from there. After i finished my service i just figured i´d stay there so i did.

I had some crazy years on Gotland, whatever i missed prior to that i took it back 10 times over. I socialized with a lot of people of different nationalities and eventually ended up owning a couple of restaurants with a Mexican and a Greek, crazy fun times.

A few years later by accident almost i ended up in Ko Lanta, my girlfriend in Sweden at the time suddenly decided to go to Israel to work in a kibbutz and i was a bit shocked but had  money in my pocket and some free time on my hands. I was thinking about Lin Chi and all the story’s she told me about that beautiful country on the other side of the globe and thought, why not? I bought a Let´s Go guidebook and a ticket to Bangkok with Aeroflot, i had no plan whatsoever and did not open the book before i was on board. On the plane i met a couple who was going to Ko Lanta, after chatting for hours they asked me to tag along – i said sure.

And here i am some 23 years later – no regrets.

So what can be said about this, well i always had a hard time feeling at home anywhere. Ever since that time working at Arlanda most of my friends been of foreign heritage. I found homes away from home on Gotland and on Ko Lanta, i love both places equally. Gotland 25 years ago was a great place, a melting pot for many nationalities, artists and hippies, eventually i found Gotland to have become a bit too hi-so and expensive for my taste but it is still one of the most beautiful places i know. When i return there i always feel like i´m coming home.

Until the next nostalgia moment, here is a picture of my bike in Gotland for many years.

Have a great day all.





Late night here in Thailand and the sandman just abandoned me tonight 🙂 Thinking about starting buying and selling stock again like i did when i first came here. I have less knowledge these days whats going on on the market, back then before the crash i financed some of my projects with money from speculating on the stock market. Im getting some money back from taxes in April and thought i use them to start up again.

So spending the night reading up on whats going on in the real world.

Today was training day “back and biceps” and a lot of stretching afterwards, tomorrow is “chest and triceps”, looking forward to that. Dang, the girl that has been giving me massages the last few months unfortunately had to leave the island and go home to Chang Mai again. Im not going to go into why but it was for personal reasons, very sad to see her go. Have to look for another masseuse with chiropractor skills until Dang hopefully returns.

Met an old friend on the last day of Lanta Festival, hes name is Bob and he used to have a bar and restaurant in Long beach long ago called Country Lao. They had some of the best food on the island at that time, back then we stayed in Saladan and spent a lot of time there. Bob had the misfortune to have an accident involving electricity and got badly hurt, he had a very hard time moving because of the scars after that. Imagined my surprise when i bumped in to him at the festival and he looked great and very healthy for a 56 year old Thai rasta man 🙂 It was a happy reunion.

Me, Bob and Buch

Had dinner at Yang Restaurant in Klong Nin with good friends from Gotland a couple of nights ago, great food an company. Frida and Martin, the owners of Yang are from Sweden and despite of that i can highly recommend a visit. 😉

Tommy and Inger

Well i guess it´s time to go to bed a few hours now..  i must confess i sometimes enjoy staying up really late, it goes in cycles. Some good music in my headphones, a nice cup of tea and a good read or movie.

Good night, sleep well…  i know i will.. the sandman finally found hes way here.




The Core


Today i just wanted to write some more about a problem i´ve been fighting for some time. A few moths ago i wrote about my abdominal separation problem also known as Diastatis Recti.

Here is what the web says about it:

“Diastasis Recti means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.” It’s very common among pregnant women. … “Diastasis” means separation. “Recti” refers to your abmuscles called the “rectus abdominis.””

Very common among pregnant women and also quite common among men with big bellies. As people who knows me know i had a big belly for a long time, that and a desperate attempt to do crunches and sit-ups before work everyday at Gumbalde, Gotland last summer got me in to the situation i was in.

In the beginning when i realized i had a big pooch on my belly when i turned in certain positions i was suspecting it was a hernia or even worse some kind of cyst.  This was the original reason i actually went to see the my doctor in Trang and got the news about my fatty liver and bad blood works.

Anyway, the ultrasound did not show anything unusual on my stomach and i started  researching myself and finally i was convinced it was an abdominal separation that caused that pooch on my belly. There is not much information to be found about this problem among men so i researched what i could and adapted the information into my training not to make matters worse.

Today my big belly is gone and i just have a very little bulge on top of my abdomen. I guess the only reason i don´t have a six pack today is that i have been strengthening up all the muscles in my abdomen except my rectus abdomins.

Strengthening up the transverse abdomins is aspecially helpful to close the gap in the rectus abdomins.

Here is one of the good exercises i´ve been doing over and over that does not make matters worse. Today i work out different muscle groups 4 days a week, i wear a body belt to keep my abs together even if i don´t really need it i like the support.

Now for me its all about building a strong core again, i am on my way. The yoga practices i´ve been doing and the massage and stretch to get more flexible in the legs is all connected to strengthening the core.

Today is Thursday and its “Quads, Hamstrings & Calves” day at the gym for me, i guess many people dread leg day but i kind of like it and knows it has to be done..

So i just get in there and do it, empty my brain and go at it with a smile 🙂

Some good music helps.

Yesterday when i was in Saladan i saw one of my friends dogs getting hit by a car, i managed to get a hold of him and he got the dog to Lanta Animal Welfare and then to Bangkok Krabi Animal Hospital in Krabi for x-rays.

The dog´s name is Panda and it looks like he is going to be ok, just a bit smashed up and needs to loose a bit of weight what i understand. The traffic on the island now is frantic, there is just too many cars, people and animals on the road. I am so happy that the dog hopefully will make a full recovery..

I was supposed to go to Laanta Lanta festival in Oldtown last night but totally lost interest, Panda´s scared eyes and hes owner crying over finding hes beloved dog in pain kept me home contemplating how fragile life is and how quick things can change. Noot kept the Alnaeus flag flying high at the festival anyway 🙂

Today is the last night of the festival and i might go down there after the gym to get some protein in my body. Here is a video of a really great band that was playing outside Malee Malle 2 nights ago.

Awesome band at Malee Malee tonight. They playing 2 more days, dont miss to see them at Lanta Festival 🙂

Posted by Jan Alnaeus on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Have a great day all 🙂





It´s Sunday again, did not sleep well last night, stomachs not in order and Noot did not come home from party until late late..  stayed up waiting for morning… mid day today i slowly crawled out of bed..   One of those days i guess.

A couple of days ago we went to Krabi Bankok Animal hospital again with 3 of our animals.

Ninja needed a check up for a skin infection and Julia had to go back for her “10 days later” check -up.

Pepper needed her 4 month rabies-shot and check-up.

Took the Toyota Vigo to check as well,  needed new breaks and change the oil.

Did a macro run and picked up the animals, everything was ok with them. The doctor could see slightly elevated values for Ninja´s kidneys and suggested to stop giving them tap water but stick to water we buy. Probably a good idea.

Going to Klong Nin now to see if i can get a late massage from Dang, maybe that is what i need today. Otherwise just rest today, still have a bit of a stuffy nose. Tomorrow i hope to be full force at the gym.

Have a good day all!