Computer breakdown.

At my office i have a desktop computer that broke down last night, the computer just stopped working..  i thought it could be overheating so i just went to bed and made plans to fix it this morning.

I started cleaning out inside my desktop with a small brush and a vacuum cleaner, it sure was very dusty in there .. haven’t cleaned it for a year or so. When i tried to turn it on after cleaning inside it, it still did not work. The second solution to this problem is usually cleaning the ram.  Living in a humid climate as we are the connectors on the ram gets corroded after a while and you have to clean them. I use a soft rubber to clean the connectors, rub the rubber back and forth across the connectors a few times, don´t overdo it…  this procedure generates static electricity that can harm the ram.  After cleaning the connectors i just cleaned up the rest with a soft small paint brush, some people use rubbing alcohol.. for me i just dust them off.


After putting the ram back everything worked again.

Living in a tropical climate it is helpful to know about this, it saved me many trips to the computer guy over the years.

A good tip is to use thin pvc gloves or use hand disinfection when you work inside your computer, no fat fingers. Seeing how the prodigy´s in the local computer workshop handles your precious computer can be a scary experience, better take care of the problem yourself if you can 🙂


Have a nice day!