New stuff


Yesterday i got a new supplement that i gonna try out.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin is supposed to be protective and good for your eyesight. It can improve your night vision and will help protect your eyes from harmful high-energy light waves like ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

I always had bad eyesight, especially my night vision is bad. Im also a bit crosseyed, my right eye is a “lazy eye” and just dont work as well as my left. I will try taking this supplement for 2 months and evaluate what benefits and possible side effects it will bring for me. I will write an update in 2 months or when i see an improvement. Found this on Lazada, 2 months supply for 213 baht.

Yesterday i found a new Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in Saladan, Lanta Mart.

American made Brook brand for 278 baht, a bit pricey as usual for Lanta Mart but sufficient until i get to Robinson in Trang where they have a Tops Market that sells the Bragg Brand “with the mother”.

In the South you can find The Tops Market in Trang, Phuket, Hat Yai and Nakhon Si Thamarat. They are good for organic products and Tea.

Tops Market

Need to take my crazy puppy Pepper out now before she eats up my gym bench, lol.

Have a great day all!






Say hi to Pepper..

.. she is a pure breed Bangkaew dog..

.. we picked her up yesterday from Nakhon Si Thamarat..

.. today she is 53 days old..

.. she is the newest addition to our family..

Welcome Pepper you will be much loved ..

Have a Nice day all!


Asskickin´ Earphones


Today we been in Nakhon Si Thammarat to pick up our new family member Pepper, a pure breed Bangkaew puppy dog, 52 days old. My good she have a lot of energy 🙂

More about her tomorrow …

Today i just wanted to review something i got from Lazada today.

The Awei Wireless sports earphones A990BL (a bargain for 469 baht), together with ..

the Pay-Version of Poweramp Music Player on my ZenFone it simply ..

Great bass and sound, blocks out everything around, great quality and interface.. my ears love it 🙂

Good Night, its time for me to go to bed after a long day, sleep well all.



Why this Blog


There is a couple of reasons why i started this blog in the first place.

  1. Writing about my personal progress helps me keep the focus and understand the changes that is happening to me from an “outside looking in” perspective.
  2. I did not want to spam my friends on social media with this stuff. If i would have, they would “hate” me for it lol. Constantly babbling on about health related stuff is probably more than enough and if any of them want to know more they are welcome here. 🙂
  3. I like the idea that if anyone was/is in the same situation as me.. maybe someone can get inspired and get better control over their lives, that would make me very proud and happy.
  4. I like to write, it gives me kind of a kick. I would love to be able to write a book before i leave this earth.

Today i was at the gym as usual and to my great joy i am down to 86 kilo 🙂

Something like 13 cm are gone around the waist, it´s time to make a new hole in the belt very soon.

Stronger, healthier and more focus – hell yeah.

Have a great day!




Christmas Day


Today i got the sad news that one of my English friends here on the island died early this morning. Life is so fragile, and you never know when your time is up. Just cant believe it still, it is just to tragic to take in 🙁

I will fondly remember the nights at our local bar, we both shared the same kind of sick humor  and loved making shit up as we both got more and more drunk. I also remember a couple of serious talks about life and how to be able to support ourselves economically here in the future, well i guess you don´t have to worry about that anymore my friend. :'(

Your love for motorcycles was the same as mine, we always made fun of “When we would ride together you would leave me behind in the dust.” Well that was true, you were a fast rider, on your sport bike or on your scooter, and even with that trailer attached 🙂 Now it was not your bike that took you away but a tragic sad accident 🙁 that feels so absurd and unfair…

My condolences to Richard´s girlfriend Meow, family and friends, he will be dearly missed.

R.I.P. Richard, next time we meet we ride again.

Me and Richard at our friend Wills B-day party, theme “camo” September 2015.

Take care of each other.

Jan & Noot

The Day Before Christmas


Yesterday was an eventful day, lots of Christmas preparations ..  finished the ham and mustard.


Today i will do Potato gratin and some decorations in the restaurant, more about that later.

Yesterday i had my good friend Oscar with me in the Gym, he works as a personal trainer.

It was great, i learned a lot about new exercises, posture, breathing and lots more.. Today im sore all over, used muscles that i did not know i had. Very happy about it, it will make moving forward a lot easier and keep me on the right track. Thanks Bro 🙂

Last night Noot and I had dinner with good friends at Red Snapper in Long Beach. Had the Rib eye steak, it was very nice. Good friends, good food at a great restaurant. Who can ask for more..

Ended up with another soda/lime at “The Drunken Dude”, (our friends bar in Long Beach) until late.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope Santa brings me one of these beauties for Christmas 😉

Have a Great Day!



Christmas food


Tonight i am starting to make the extra Christmas food for the 25th.

The hams that´s been in salt and water for 10 days are finally simmering in a pot in the kitchen.

And the mustard are almost ready.

For the mustard i just use yellow mustard seeds that i boil in water for 5 minutes and then just mix it in a blender. I addThai mustard that are so rich with vinegar that i don´t need to add any more of that, finally i just add honey to the mix and let it settle for a couple of days – job done 🙂

Today i had a massage at Dang´s, just a one hour session today.. my body is slowly getting rid of its excess fat and all small flaws.

Because i have had such a big belly before i contracted an “abdominal separation”, it means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.” I have been working on the inner belly muscles for a while and the ab separation is almost healed, soon i can start working on that six-pack.

Tomorrow i am back at the gym again for a session that include a personal trainer, my good friend Oscar.

Gonna be a tough one i think for an old geezer like me, but really looking forward to the pain and fun 🙂

Sleep well all / Jan


My Gadgets

Hi just wanted to talk a bit about the gadgets that help me keep track of my health progress.

  • Digital LCD Wrist Blood Pressure monitor/Heart rate meter. Bought at Lazada for 341 baht, works really well and makes accurate readings. It helps me to keep track of my high blood pressure that is now back to normal again.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness tracker. It features a step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. 3 weeks use on one charge, compatible with android apps and Google Fit. It has notifications for calls, text messages and selected applications. It is a great gadget and very affordable, i bought mine with free delivery on eBay for just a bit over 1000 baht.

  • Exeter Thermo Pad KT010. Great for relieve muscle pain (especially in my bad neck) and increase blood circulation. Bought on Lazada for 1490 baht.

Have a nice healthy day!


Chinese Herbs


Today i was in Krabi Town to visit my Chinese herbal doctor.

Had a good chat with him, he is a lovely old man 🙂  My wife helped out with the translation.

He said: “You are doing fine, no need for any herbal medicines.” Thanks to the good doctor for that.

Here is his business card with address and website if anyone is interested to visit him or buy something.

A good tip is to call before you visit to make sure he is there.

Ended up refilling my finished stock of multivitamins instead @

4 months supply for 495 baht, not bad 🙂

Have a great day!






Just wanted to introduce one of our animals:

This is Julia, she might be the oldest cat on the island. Here she is today on her favorite lambskin from Gotland 🙂

Julia has been with us for many years, from beginning she belonged to a good friend and neighbor but eventually she ended up with us.

Here she is with Tiger (r.i.p.) at our home in Saladan in early 2003. I believe she was born around 2002 and that would make her about 15 years old. She is still a healthy and happy cat, she loves to eat and to sleep in warm places.

One more from 2003.

Have a nice day!




After my doctor told me she saw signs of me getting a fatty liver i have been reading up on good remedies to make a fast recovery, well those of you who read this blog all know what i have been doing lately.. right  🙂

After reading up on turmeric i decided to add it to my daily diet. I bought some turmeric powder and tried to integrate it in to my daily diet, truth is the taste is not good at all. Eating the way i do at the moment it is very important to me to make every meal tasteful and enjoyable. I decided to go for pills instead.

I have a good friend who´s mom is a real amazing doctor/healer, she agreed to bring some turmeric pills for me next time she come to visit from her home in Vietnam. Today i got them and i am very happy and thankful about it.

For those of you who don`t know bout the benefits of taking turmeric, here is a short list.

I will take 2 pills daily and we will see how it is going to affects me, i will post an update in a few weeks.

Now off to the gym.

Have a beautiful day.



The Gym


Just wanted to show you guys the gym where i been spending a lot of time the last couple of months.

It´s a resort gym and not too big, it has all i need including lots of dumbbells 🙂

The good thing is i am almost always alone in here around 4 pm when i train. I guess i am not a very social guy.

Today was cardio day: warm-up, cross-trainer 30 min and then stretching.

 Lets go 😉

Have a great day!