Why this Blog


There is a couple of reasons why i started this blog in the first place.

  1. Writing about my personal progress helps me keep the focus and understand the changes that is happening to me from an “outside looking in” perspective.
  2. I did not want to spam my friends on social media with this stuff. If i would have, they would “hate” me for it lol. Constantly babbling on about health related stuff is probably more than enough and if any of them want to know more they are welcome here. 🙂
  3. I like the idea that if anyone was/is in the same situation as me.. maybe someone can get inspired and get better control over their lives, that would make me very proud and happy.
  4. I like to write, it gives me kind of a kick. I would love to be able to write a book before i leave this earth.

Today i was at the gym as usual and to my great joy i am down to 86 kilo 🙂

Something like 13 cm are gone around the waist, it´s time to make a new hole in the belt very soon.

Stronger, healthier and more focus – hell yeah.

Have a great day!