“An unexpected treat”


Yesterday i got the unexpected opportunity to tag along on a one-day speedboat trip. We started out 8.30 from Klong Dao.

It had been a while since i had been on a boat trip, and the feeling was great.

We passed Noon on the way down south, everyone still asleep.

On the way to Ko Muk and the famous Morakot Cave, also known as Emerald cave.

After a good hour swimming in to the beach inside the cave we were back in the boat again.

Peter and Conny keeping everyone happy.

Tourist boat on the way to Koh Kradan.

A couple of hours of great snorkeling in the clear waters of Koh Kradan.

Lunch, had my first sandwich for almost 3 months 🙂 .. lovely.

On the way back towards Ko Lanta´s southern point and the national park.

Passing the national park.

Nui Bay, next to Noon.

We had a quick stop at Kantiang Bay for some cold drinks.

And then back to Klong Dao again. A big thanks to Conny for a fantastic treat.

Saw the sunset with Pepper down on Nui bay, Noot was unfortunately busy in the restaurant.

The end of a long fun day, slept early and like a baby. Now of to the gym and some serious training again.

Have a great day all!



Early hours


Yesterday was training day and i missed it, went to Krabi with Noot and Jeab to run errands and to give Pepper her second shot at the vet.

Left Pepper at the vet for a couple of hours.

Got back late last night so no training yesterday, today i will go full power with both yoga and gym.

Got a proper scale yesterday and checked it out this morning, 82,7 not too bad. The scale at the gym been showing the wrong numbers, Conny changed it a few days ago but thought i would get my own one anyway. Found this on Tesco Lotus for a little over 700 baht. So lost almost 17 kilo since i started this journey 4 months ago. Not to bad considering my body mass index changed considerably as well.

Today seems to be a sunny day so far, yesterday looked the same in the morning but ended up as the usual rainy one in the end. No one understands the weather at the moment, monsoon in January, wtf.

Here is the view from outside my door this morning, still sunny.

Yesterday i got another shipment of Jiaogulan Tea, been giving it away for presents and even sent my mother in Sweden one with the post.

Jiaogulan Tea or Gynostemma pentaphyllum has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and is known as ” The Herb of Immortality” or “Southern Ginseng”. I have been drinking this tea regularly now for a few months, it is supposed to lower blood-sugar ,  lower blood-pressure and give you a better night sleep among other things. I believe it to have only good effects on your body and mind, that makes it a good present to give away to people you care about as well. I usually buy a pack of 3 bags on Lazada for 360 baht, including free delivery.

Here is a link if you are interested in the benefits of the herb: Jiaogulan Benefits

Now time to start off the day properly with some Yoga.

Have a great day all.








Yesterday was one more rainy day, January seem to be the new June and the monsoon newer seem to want to stop. Did yoga in the morning, spent time in Saladan during the day, went to see my Swedish  friends Tommy and Inger that has been ill with bad colds lately. I was happy to see that they were feeling better, after that i went to the gym around 5 pm.

Did cardio, pre-workout stretch and then some heavy lifting for an hour. After my set i was alone in the gym and thought i do some yoga postures along with my regular stretch routine, after a while i ended up in “childs pose”.

While doing the stretch my left arm always hurt a bit in the shoulder area, my collarbone has been broken twice on the left side.. last time was 2 years ago. While i was getting deeper in the stretch, breathing out, my shoulder made a cracking sound and i realized .. wow, everything loosens up and despite a slight discomfort it feels great.

As i realized a few months ago when i started my journey towards a healthier life, some things that need attention in your body is most of the time connected to another bad thing in your body. When you fix one thing, over time a lot of other things will be fixed in the process. Yesterday my shoulder went in to it´s right place again, the cartilage that got loose going to dissapear by it self and more good things will follow for sure. Feel fantastic today, my left leg is better as well.. no more pain so far..

Everything’s connected, feeling religious almost…  love it 🙂

Have a great day all!



Surviving the Thai traffic


Today i going to write about the Thai traffic and the reality of it.

This is my every day reality. 2 nights ago i was going home from Klong Dao to Kantiang Bay on my 125cc Honda, i arrive at the scene just after the accident happened. There is one western man laying on the ground with his motorbike next to him, i see he is badly hurt and someone is calling an ambulance.  I stop and put my motorbike diagonal out in traffic to redirect it, don´t want the poor guy to get hit a second time. The ambulance arrives quickly and the road is cleared, i continue home. The next morning i am on my way up to Saladan again to go to the Gym, after Klong Kong i see that an accident just happened. A man is sitting by the roadside with his face all bloody, he must have crashed and landed on his face without a helmet. People taking care of him while waiting for the ambulance.. i continue on. This is our everyday reality here, we who live here are so used to it so we don´t even react anymore. I did not even mention these accidents to anyone until now.

So what can be said about the accident statistics.

According to a WHO report Thailand has the second highest number of road accidental deaths in the world after war-ravaged Libya.

To get an idea how many accidents we talk about lets take a look at the New year, also known in Thailand as “The seven deadliest days”. From December 29 to January 4, 2017 478 people was killed in accidents on the roads of Thailand. 4128 people was reported injured and 3919 road accidents occurred, and this is just the ones we know of.

Around 80 people lose their lives in the Thai traffic every day all year around.

According to official statistics, 14,059 people were killed on Thai roads and highways in 2012, translating to a road-death rate of 36.2 people per 100,000.

The WHO estimates 24,237 were actually killed in 2012 based on its models, 42% more than stated by Thailand’s Public Health Ministry.

So what can you expect when you are driving in Thailand?

  • First, always expect the unexpected.
  • Turning without using a turn signal.
  • Driving without light or only with highlight.
  • Driving against traffic and on sidewalks.
  • Animals in the middle of the road.
  • Drunk and intoxicated driving.
  • Bad roads with big potholes.
  • Kids under 15 driving.
  • Road-rage and speeding.
  • Drivers with no drivers licence no experience.
  • Overloaded trucks and cars.

This is just a few things that you need to get used to when living here.

So as a foreigner trying to survive on the roads here, what do you need to think about?

  • If you have no experience about driving, don´t drive.. take a taxi.
  • Drive on the left side.
  • Use a helmet and try not to drive drunk.
  • Don´t insult Thai drivers.
  • Walk towards the traffic on the right so you can see whats coming.
  • Don´t drive to slow and keep to the side when people want to pass you.
  • Have a proper insurance.
  • Use common sense.

Stay safe on the roads and have a great day!







Body stretch


The last few days has been a journey into deep stretching and Yoga, i had no idea how demanding these exercises were. My massage therapist Deng suggested me to start doing it and now i finally gotten around to it.

Every mornings and sometimes nights this scary sight can be seen in my office. I have been stretching regularly both before and after cardio and gym but it haven’t been enough. Now i try to deepen the stretches and mix in a lot of Yoga, i must admit i love it so far. I started out learning 12 basic poses and how to breath properly.

  1. Cat pose
  2. Mountain pose
  3. Standing forward bend
  4. Lunge
  5. Standing stretch
  6. Tree pose
  7. Downward facing dog
  8. Cobra
  9. Child’s pose
  10. Seated spinal twist
  11. Seated forward bend
  12. Final relaxation pose

Trying to get all these positions right and increase flexibility will be next weeks challenge. More updates about this will come as i move along into new territory.

I added a new thing to my dietary list, something i really love:

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, i got it as a present from an American friend and quickly developed an addiction.

The best part is you can now get in Thailand and my friend are sending me a box of this from Chang Mai, this really helps to make anything that is tasteless or boring to taste much better. Love it.

Got another gift from a Swedish friend couple of weeks ago, say hello to my little friend ” Gamle Ole” aka Stinky Cheese.

A piece of this beauty now and then can brighten up any day, and it does. Thank you Stellan 🙂

Have a great day all!





Trash and Thais


Today i just wanted to reflect on Koh Lanta´s trash problem. The ones that been driving round on the island or found their way to one of our two dumping sites knows already that it is a big issue. Today i just wanted to address the littering problem and question why we have it.

Living in Thailand can be frustrating at times, you grew up with lots of rules how everything should be. When you move here you realize many things are different, some are better some are hard to understand. For many years i have wondered why it is so hard for Thais to stop littering, it does not matter how many times you point out to someone that it is bad for the environment .. they just cant stop.

I know its not my country and i try every day not to bitch about people throwing things around even though they have the recycle station or a bin close by. I think it is a cultural thing, the other day i sat down with a man from Bangkok, he is well educated and quite well of. As we sit and talk he opens up a pack of cigarettes (Smoking is still considered “cool” in Thailand, it´s my opinion that the majority of people here smokes because they think it looks cool and not because they like it.) and just toss the plastic on the ground even though we are sitting at a table and he could have put it in the ashtray. He don´t think about it, it just is the Thai way. Not everyone of course but many people do like this.

Koh Lanta´s road sides are scattered with litter everywhere and over the years there has been little progress towards change. There is of course activists like Trash Hero and young people that are interested in the environment, but that offers little hope for the future. Going through the small villages around the island and seeing how people live with lots of garbage on their plot of land, they don´t see it or think about it.. it is mind blowing. Until the education about environmentally issues in the schools get better and the government starts to take the issue seriously we have to live with the littering.

If taking care of the environment some day becomes “cool” or people learn about the many benefits of keeping their country clean, Thailand might have a chance until then we have to live with the ideal of the Marlboro man looking casual and cool while throwing some plastic by the roadside.

Have a nice day all, and please don´t litter.




The Garage


Yesterday i spent my rainy day fixing up my old car, throwing garbage and fixing with my Honda Scooter. Here is a couple of pictures from my man cave.

Combined restaurant storage, man cave and bedroom, located on long beach.

I got the bikes here and when i have some time of this is where i hide out. This is also my “dressing room” for the gym, got most of the gym stuff here.

Yesterday was such a rainy day, perfect for doing some work on one of the bikes. Later i ended up with Peter and Lek for dinner at banana and after that i went to pick up Noot that had a day of with “girl friends” in old-town.

Today of to the gym again soon, the cold is better but got a light strain in one of my feet..  well today will be back day anyway so looking forward to that.

Have a great day all!



Out of the office


Sitting in the office, checking a new playlist for the gym.

  1. Accept – Up to the limit
  2. Thin Lizzy – Cold Sweat
  3. AC/DC – Shot down in flames
  4. Judas Priest – Love bites
  5. Iron Maiden – Wrathchild
  6. Filter – Welcome to the fold
  7. Kiss – War machine
  8. Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
  9. Dio – Holy diver
  10. Nickelback – Gotta be somebody
  11. D.A.D. – Sleeping my day away
  12. Ramstein – Du hast
  13. Zodiak Mindwarp – Prime mover

That will keep me pumped for an hour at the gym 🙂 When i started training i listened to a lot of old techno, these days i like old metal better.

Been checking out the weather forecast and it looks like the rain wont stop for a while this year, it´s very unusual with this kind of weather in January. I feel sorry for all the tourists that been paying for expensive tickets and accommodation and don´t get the sunny weather they hoped for.

Rain or no rain, i am out of the office for today..  wohooo

But first some more Pepper from today;

Caught with a grin he he..

High energy Pepper..

“I just want to play.. hard.”

“I am so tired of that puppy.”

Have a great Day all.



The cold that wont go away


Today i have been sleeping late, it´s midday and i just got out of bed. Still have a cold and thought i would take it very easy today. What i have is a common cold that been slowly creeping up on me now for the last 10 days. If it is the flu it usually hits hard within 3-6 hours and you get really fatigued. Yesterday i took a long stroll on the beach and felt pretty good.

Afterwards i hit the gym for some light weight training, no cardio this week. Next week i will start doing serious work on my back muscles, yesterday i got a girdle from e-bay that going to help out with posture and support. Happy to be down to 81 kilos, hope to be down to 76 before the 8th of February.

Last night i went to Peters to check up on him, he have a bad cold as well and stayed indoors all day.

Even though he sent me this picture over messenger it was not that bad he he..

Before going home yesterday i took a spin down to old town to pick up a cheese that my friend Stellan carried here from Sweden for me, more about that later when i try it out 🙂

Today i´m off to Dang at 2 pm to get a massage, i have been a bit sore in my left leg after to many hours on the bikes. Looking forward to that 🙂

Have a nice day all!




Lazy day


Yesterday turned out to be a fun nice laid back day.

Chilling by the pool all day.

Or in the pool.

Conny and P.A.

Jocke having fun.

Had dinner with my wife, Jeab, P.A. Peter and Lek at Banana Bar and Chill, was home around 10.30.

Not bad for a Birthday with nothing planned 🙂

Have a nice day all!

Jan <3



Happy Birthday to Me

Hi Today is my Birthday.

Today i will stay at Rockbeach in Klong dao, meeting up with friends there for relaxing in the swimming-pool the whole afternoon. Going to be nice. I might even try one of their salads again even though the last one i had was a total disaster. Well everyone is worth a second chance, right 😉 .. i know all about that.

Yesterday i spent the day in the garage working on my beloved Ratbike, took a spin to Noon and back for sunset. Ordered a new mini headlight and preparing to strip the bike of all the unnecessary things…  soon.

Love riding this bike, when it runs flawless it is just unbeatable 🙂 Some good tunes in the headphones and then stretch out on the open road…

Stuff that make you feel like a kid and gives you a lot of positive energy… love it.

Yesterday it was time to buy a new gym card again and i thought before going to the “Twin Lotus” gym i might check out “Lanta Gym” to investigate about their monthly offers, machines, weights etc.  Had a look around inside, there was about 10 people training in this big bright no cozy at all gym.  I realized that the gym had a lot of machines and weights and is probably perfect for people that like to work out together in groups.

Working on my “phobic”social skills is one project that never will end for me, i never been good at it but being sober putting it in a new and so far better perspective for me. I used to pop a Xanax or two on occasion to coop with reality, now i haven’t done that either for almost 3 months. People that don´t know me might see me as strange at times but i am what i am and it is never my meaning to be an a-hole.

Anyway, i happily went to Twin Lotus to pay my monthly fee.

I was all alone in the gym from 7 pm to 8pm, spent an hour with low weights and no cardio at all. Still have a sore throat.

Enjoying my time in cozy “TL” Gym, i told Conny a big “Thank you” again last night for being so kind to let me use it.

Have a great time all, i know i will.






Haven´t posted for 3 days so here is an update of whats going on in my part of the world.

There have been a big storm and lots of damage all over the island, on the 7-8 of January it hit really hard.

It left many places on Lanta in ruins, we were lucky with just minor damage.

On the morning of the 9th the sky cleared and we got ready to celebrate our friend Tommy´s 70th birthday.

It was a lovely evening, thanks Phat Thai Band for setting the mood.

Yesterday i went early to Krabi for my friend Richards funeral.

It was a very emotional day for all that was there.

We started up his beloved bike in his honor, it surely has an awesome sound.

I was on my Bonnie all day, here i am on the car ferry back to Lanta.

Today im up bright and early, no Gym today either still sick. My voice is gone, hope to be better tomorrow.

Have a great day all.