2 Months sober


Yesterday i have been sober for 2 months and going to the gym for 3 months.

Here i am in our condominium in Krabi a couple of days ago, 85 kilo and feeling better than ever. Maybe need a shave though.

Breakfast yesterday on the balcony.

It has been a rewarding journey so far, starting very obese at 98 kilos 3 months ago to 85 kilos today. I will continue to be sober for one more month until the 8th of February when i have an ultrasound scheduled for my liver. After that i will have a glass of wine or two but in moderate amounts and on special occasions.

My training will continue and i will try to get my BMI down even more than it is now.

Thanks to the good doctor Harper for good advice, to Conny at Twin Lotus for letting me use their gym, to Oscar for the coaching, to Dang for patching me up every week and to my lovely wife Noot for being by my side. Im happy that my many hours of studying different training methods and dietary issues plus all the hard work i put in so far paid off.

Dr Harper, Wattanapat Hospital in Trang. Can highly recommend her, she is a very able doctor. She is married to an american an her English is immaculate.

Have a great day!