Planning for the future


Today i want to reflect on what is going on in my life and how to proceed.

On the 8th, in 6 days i will go to Wattanapat Hospital in Trang to check my liver values and blood works. When i first went there to check my liver on the 8th of November 2016 i had already been to the gym for a month and my weight was down from 99 to 96 kilos. My liver showed signs of “fatty liver” and my blood pressure and cholesterol was still high, my doctor told me to ease down on the alcohol and change lifestyle. I went back to the hospital one month later, no alcohol lots of gym and healthy foods had made my blood works better, blood pressure was lower but still a bit high and my weight was down to just under 90 kilos.

Now another 2 months has gone i am still sober and enjoying the awesomeness of feeling great, weight is down to just over 80 kilos and my BMI has decreased drastically. I know my blood pressure is normal and i am excited to see how my liver have reacted to 3 months of healthy living. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok.

Right now my training is going through a transition, i have used up and transformed most of my fat reserves into muscles tissue and to be able to go even further i need to start taking protein supplements and a couple of other things to be able to build more muscle mass. I am not looking to become a bodybuilder, i just want a bit more muscles and to make that happen my body needs more fuel.

My Yoga training has been a blessing and i feel better and more flexible from it everyday, soon i will have to find someone who is interested in coaching me when it comes to going further into learning and practice as well.

Other than that this coming month includes taking a weeks well deserved rest from the gym (if i can), having a ice cold beer with friends if my liver is better. I will start drinking again but very moderately, there will be no more hangovers for me. To remind me i will put a “vegvisir” tattoo on my right arm to keep me going in the right direction in life.

More updates about my checkup and the new supplements soon.

Have a great day!