Quick bike trip


Yesterday after i had done my daily duties at the restaurant i decided to go and pick up some leather clothes and a bag that i had left at my friends leather shop on the way to Krabi.

I loaded up my old Magna with a full tank and some rain clothes and i was off.

Everything went smooth, i installed a high amp power battery a couple of weeks earlier and now i finally don´t need to worry about the bike not starting.

I arrived at the shop that is located just before Nuea Klong on the way to Krabi around 5 pm.

Chitinan, the shop owner greeted me with a smile as usual and i got my repaired leathers back in new good condition. I can highly recommend her if you have leather things to repair, her phone number is; 0805383917 and she is open most days until 6 pm.

Saw the sunset on the ferry on my way back.

Awesome ride again and the bike ran like a dream, who can ask for more.

Have a great day all.