Down south..


Spent the last couple of days down south.

Yesterday me and Noot left Lanta early for one of my mandatory visa runs to Wangprachan border checkpoint in Satun. We drove our Nissan Almera and arrived mid day, there was very little people and no queue at the checkpoint. Everything went very fast and smooth.

Took a quick look in the tax-free shop and found 3 one liter bottles of Teachers for 760 baht, that is like 190 Swedish crowns for 3 bottles… that is so cheap. Whisky – soda coming to a bench nearby soon 😉

After the border run we went to our house and Noots parents in Phatthalung to spend the night. The next morning, today was the time to go see my doctor in Wattanapat Hospital in Trang.

I did abdominal ultrasound, blood works, urinal check and sperm count. The sperm count was as expected not the best result but the rest was absolutely great. No signs of fatty liver anymore and all the other tests showed excellent results. That was a big relief for me and Dr Harper and Noot was also very pleased. All the hard work the last few months actually paid off, i almost could not believe it. About the sperm test, i will get back to that and my progress in the not so distant future. I was suggested to have my next checkup in 2 years time, yeah 🙂

As we were in Trang i passed by the Tops market in Robinson Department store.

Time to stock up on organic apple cider vinegar 310 baht.

We stopped at pack Meng Beach on the way back to Lanta for some late lunch.

So today was my 97th day sober in a row, when i feel ready i will have a drink or two with friends. Mission save the liver and get healthy accomplished. Thanks all for the support, tomorrow i will be back in the gym again for a good workout.

Now time for bed, sleep well!