Trends come and go..


Today i wanted to talk a bit about the yearly trends we see on the island. When i first sat foot on Lanta somewhat 23 years ago there was not much here. Over the years we seen electricity, proper roads, telephone etc come our way, and every year there is some new trend that someone starts and many others are quick to follow.

I remember when mini marts popped up in every corner, when everyone should have a internet cafe and when every place should have a do it yourself laundry machine.

Last year the trend was easy to spot, with roads getting in worse condition and the increasing number of cars and motorbikes on the island, the number of accidents been sky rocketing. Lots of Chinese tourists that don´t have a clue how to drive and foreigners and Thais that drives without knowledge and care have made the Medical Clinic business a very lucrative one. Almost every tourist that drive here have travel insurance and when there is an accident the clinics are quick to overcharge the insurance companies. The crazy thing right now is that the clinics compete to get first at the scene and that contributes to even more accidents.

Here is a few clinics that i passed by on my way from Kantiang Bay to Saladan today, this is not all of them and i haven’t even included the biggest government hospital, “Lanta Hospital”.

Check this out:

Nurse Practitioner Clinic, Klong Nin

Andaman International Clinic, Klong Nin

Doctor Lanta, Klong Nin

Aqua Emergency, Klong Toab

Derma Care, Klong Toab

South Lanta, Klong Kong

International Medical Clinic, Long Beach

Siam International Clinic, Long Beach

Dr Salarin, Long Beach

Andaman International, Long Beach

Lanta Physical, Klong Dao

Bangkok Health, Klong Dao

South Lanta, Klong Dao

Saladan Health Center, Government Run, Saladan

This is the ones i noticed on the west side of Lanta today, i am sure more are being built and will open soon. As i wrote in a prior post, Thailand has the second most accidents in the world at the moment and some people are making a fortune on it. It looks like we might not see any new paved roads for a while..  Good or not, you are always close to a doctor if you have an accident, just remember to have proper insurance otherwise it will cost you dearly.

Oh and i forgot to mention there is numerous pharmacies around the island as well 😉

Have a nice day all and drive safe.