New workout routine


Days go by so fast, its incredible. Today was Valentines day and we had friends from Gotland over to the restaurant for dinner. It was nice to meet old friends again.


Janne Bertholdson entertainingÂ đŸ™‚

After everything quieted down here i got a chance to finish my new training program. I will be training 4 days a week from next week. Here is the schedule:

Monday; Back and Biceps.

  • Dumbbell dead-lift
  • One arm dumbbell row
  • Lat pull-down
  • Chest supported dumbbell rows
  • Seated cable rows
  • Biceps curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Seated dumbbell curls

Tuesday; Chest and Triceps

  • Flat dumbbell bench press
  • Incline dumbbell bench press
  • Bench dips
  • Pec dec
  • Machine chest press
  • Dumbbell scull crushers
  • Seated overhead dumbbell extensions
  • Cable triceps extensions

Wednesday; Rest

Thursday; Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

  • Crush grip goblet squat
  • Dumbbell leg press
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • Leg extensions
  • Dumbbell stiff leg dead-lift
  • Leg curls
  • Standing dumbbell calf-rise
  • Seated dumbbell calf-rise

Friday; Shoulders, Traps and Forearms

  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Seated Arnold press
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Hammer grip incline dumbbell bench-press
  • Dumbbell upright row
  • Dumbbell shrug
  • Dumbbell wrist curl
  • Farmers walk

Saturday and Sunday; Rest

All exercises are modified to suit what is available at the gym. Every workout will start with 10-15 minutes cardio followed by a short pre-workout stretch and warm-up.

After every workout i will do a stretch and yoga combined session of 15 minutes, the workout time will not exceed 1 hour. I will keep the exercises to 3 sets each and between 8-15 reps, in some of the exercises i will do 5 minute burnouts. I will to planks, not sit-ups after every workout as well, my abdominal split is almost healed and almost ready to go hard đŸ™‚

That´s it, hope this, together with a balanced diet will work in my favor, would be cool to gain a bit of muscle mass đŸ™‚

Here is a picture of me and Peters dog Clay hanging out by the pool a couple of days ago.

Have a great day all!