Days go by..


Just an update what is going on at the moment. Had a night on the town yesterday, went to Cheeky monkey and had a great time there as usual. Went to The Ozone late for one more beer.

In total 5 beers all night and i could feel it, slept really well.

Today i woke up without a hangover 🙂 and went to the gym for the last time this week.

Had a great workout, i have been drinking the new Meiji Chocolate milk pre-workout this week and feel it has given a good boost.

A bit pricey for 49 baht but worth the money.

Tomorrow me and Noot will be going to Klong Muang for a short weekend holiday and to see the yearly festival there.


Going to be nice to get away from Lanta a bit, not sure if i will ride the bike or not.. i will decide tomorrow. Noot want to take the car so i think i will drive the car..  I will post some pics in the beginning of next week.

And yes i booked 2 tickets to Sweden tonight, on 19th of june we will fly out from Bangkok to Stockholm.

Have a great weekend all, im sure i will 🙂