A weekend of the rock..


We had a great weekend in Klong Muang at Naga Jazz Festival. We arrived by car on Saturday afternoon.

Arriving at the festival.
A lot of vendors.

The festival was held on the beach in Klong Muang, Krabi. There was lots of reasonable priced food and drink and the setting was beautiful.


We had some food and drinks and watched the sunset. The concert started 7 pm with a couple of hours of international jazz.


We enjoyed a few hours of great music and then made it an early night.

In the morning of Sunday we went to Ao nang for some good coffee at the Doi Chang coffee shop.

Doi Chang Coffee.

We found one of the trip advisor top ranked little Thai restaurants in Ao Nang for lunch.

Ton ma Yom restaurant actually lived up to its reputation and we left this waterhole satisfied and happy. After exploring some new places we sat sail towards Klong Muang again for some afternoon drinks.

Eats Restaurant

Noot had a drink at Eats and i took a long walk on the beach.

After Eats it was time for Noot to go to the hairdressers and i had a good beer and a chat with the boys at The Irish.

The Irish Embassy.

We spent the night at the festival again and the night went on with lots of good music and food.

Jazz again.
Rockin with in ear wireless soundproof headphones 😉

It went on until late and Noot at least had a good time, for me i really enjoyed the jazz earlier but the Thai music sounds mostly the same in my ears he he. Well as long as the wife is happy , im happy, overall we had a great time.

The next morning we left early, the place we stayed at was located just 300 meters from the festival and was owned by a Russian named Alexander. We paid 650 baht per night and it was an absolutely ok place.

Front area.
The room.
Breakfast area.

On the way back home we stopped at one of our favorite lunch restaurants; Kolobi, for coffee and noodle soup.


That was our weekend of the rock 🙂 We were back home early so i got some well needed gym time as well.

Have a great day all!