Julia at the doctors..


Took our cat Julia to Bankok Krabi Animal Hospital the other day, she was not feeling to well. Her eyes was swollen and she had a bad runny nose.

The doctor expected her to have more serious problems so she suggested me to test her for kidney problems, FeLV (Feline leukemia virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) also known as cat AIDS. We had problems with FIV with one of our cats in the past and we knew that Julia interacted with that sick cat at times. So the question was did we really want to know if Julia have cat AIDS or not, it is usually connected to the cat dying in a not so distant future. For knowledge cat AIDS can not be spread or are dangerous to humans, only to other animals.

We decided to do all the tests, even though Julia is over 15 years old and probably dont have that long of a time left on this earth she is still a family member and if she is sick we will take care of her in proper manner. I remember when i had dengue fever, she was constantly laying on my belly to check up on me. Anyway the tests came back negative witch means she had not contracted any of those diseases, the blood works also came back fine witch means the kidney functions are fine.

Got a whole bunch of tablets and things to heal her from a bad cat flu, hopefully she will be fully recovered in a week. Not bad for a 15 year old cat lady.

Have a great day all!