Progress, setbacks and the future..


Today i wanted to talk about my health a bit more. Last week was a great gym week for me, i tested out my new 4 day a week workout schedule that had been in the works for quite some time.

Considering the limited amounts of machines and weights at my gym i must say it turned out very well, with a few minor adjustments next week it will be just awesome. There is no barbells but almost all those exercises can be done by dumbbells, There are dumbbells from 5 – 50  pound which ruffly translates to 2,5 – 22,5 kilos, even if i use the max weights for exercises like pullovers and rows it is enough weight for another couple of months use. About the machines, there is a cross trainer for warm up and my cardio. There is a pec dec and a chest press for chest day and 2 machines for legs plus a cable machine with sitting or standing options, what more do you need.

As i wrote about before i am almost always alone in the gym, i am usually able to do half an hour stretch/yoga after my workouts and i don´t like to do that with a lot of people around. Overall i don´t miss the extra machines or barbells at all.

My workout schedule that i use now going to be alive for another 7 weeks and then i will evaluate where to go next. Maybe its time to change gym then or maybe go on towards more cross fit or running, time will tell.

About my diet, now when my liver is healed up and my excess weight is gone i have been downsizing the amount of things i put in my mouth everyday.

On a normal training day i usually start the day with multivitamins and omega 3 washed down with a glass of water mixed with organic apple cider vinegar. For breakfast i eat a sturdy portion of oatmeal with 2 bananas and a bit of milk. Before the gym i drink chocolate milk with whey protein that i mix with a shot of espresso, it gives a good boost. After my workout i usually treat myself to a protein shake with blueberry’s and banana, then shower and relax. I try to take a few grams of creatine everyday and i drink a lot of jiaogulan tea.

I still consume very little refined sugar, that means no soda whatsoever. No potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta. I consume large amounts of chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruits. If i drink alcohol i try to stay away from beer and have a whisky/soda or vodka/soda instead, the hangovers i used to have was deadly and i never want to go back down that road again. If i have a “heavy” night out i usually make sure the day after is resting day from the gym and that i drink a lot of water before bed.

Well that´s pretty much it for today folks, feeling a bit of a cold creeping up on me so a nice cup of tea, some strepsils and CliniCold tablets and i hope to be as good as new for tomorrow or at least for Monday at the gym.

Also worth mentioning, a couple of days ago when i had my massage Dang promised to help me to get more flexible so i can get into a proper lotus position. She did some twisting and turning for half an hour post my massage and i got more flexible straight away but it will surely take 3 more sessions and it will hurt like hell to get proper flexibility back. To many hour in front of the screen and on the bikes has taken it´s toll and as she said; you need help with this, it is hard to do yourself. It will be good for my lower back and posture, great to have skilled people helping you out. It will be totally worth the pain in the end.

Here´s what´s been in my headphones at the gym this week 😉

Have a great day all!