Bad cold and an unexpected treat.


On Sunday night i had my first real leg stretch session with Dang, so painful but felt good afterwards. On Monday my plan was to go to the gym before mid day, unfortunately my cold got worse and i had to take it easy instead. Maybe it was my body telling me i have been working out to hard lately, i don´t know. Anyway it was time for some rest.

On Tuesday we had a late lunch date with friends from Gotland, Janne and Vonna.

We ate some great seafood at Beautiful Restaurant in Oldtown and ended up in Malee Malee Coffee Shop afterwards.

We found a guitar for Janne and he played us a a bunch of old favorites and even one new song that is coming out on CD in June.

Our Canadian friend Richard came over and brought wine, cheese and even more good mood. It became a very unexpected fun afternoon and night. Even i had a couple of beers to celebrate.

Today Wednesday my body feels much better and my cold is starting to give in, i hope to be back in the gym tomorrow. Today´s mission will be to get a massage at Dang and try to finally get in to that long awaited lotus position.

Have a great day all.