It´s Sunday again, did not sleep well last night, stomachs not in order and Noot did not come home from party until late late..  stayed up waiting for morning… mid day today i slowly crawled out of bed..   One of those days i guess.

A couple of days ago we went to Krabi Bankok Animal hospital again with 3 of our animals.

Ninja needed a check up for a skin infection and Julia had to go back for her “10 days later” check -up.

Pepper needed her 4 month rabies-shot and check-up.

Took the Toyota Vigo to check as well,  needed new breaks and change the oil.

Did a macro run and picked up the animals, everything was ok with them. The doctor could see slightly elevated values for Ninja´s kidneys and suggested to stop giving them tap water but stick to water we buy. Probably a good idea.

Going to Klong Nin now to see if i can get a late massage from Dang, maybe that is what i need today. Otherwise just rest today, still have a bit of a stuffy nose. Tomorrow i hope to be full force at the gym.

Have a good day all!