The Core


Today i just wanted to write some more about a problem i´ve been fighting for some time. A few moths ago i wrote about my abdominal separation problem also known as Diastatis Recti.

Here is what the web says about it:

“Diastasis Recti means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.” It’s very common among pregnant women. … “Diastasis” means separation. “Recti” refers to your abmuscles called the “rectus abdominis.””

Very common among pregnant women and also quite common among men with big bellies. As people who knows me know i had a big belly for a long time, that and a desperate attempt to do crunches and sit-ups before work everyday at Gumbalde, Gotland last summer got me in to the situation i was in.

In the beginning when i realized i had a big pooch on my belly when i turned in certain positions i was suspecting it was a hernia or even worse some kind of cyst.  This was the original reason i actually went to see the my doctor in Trang and got the news about my fatty liver and bad blood works.

Anyway, the ultrasound did not show anything unusual on my stomach and i started  researching myself and finally i was convinced it was an abdominal separation that caused that pooch on my belly. There is not much information to be found about this problem among men so i researched what i could and adapted the information into my training not to make matters worse.

Today my big belly is gone and i just have a very little bulge on top of my abdomen. I guess the only reason i don´t have a six pack today is that i have been strengthening up all the muscles in my abdomen except my rectus abdomins.

Strengthening up the transverse abdomins is aspecially helpful to close the gap in the rectus abdomins.

Here is one of the good exercises i´ve been doing over and over that does not make matters worse. Today i work out different muscle groups 4 days a week, i wear a body belt to keep my abs together even if i don´t really need it i like the support.

Now for me its all about building a strong core again, i am on my way. The yoga practices i´ve been doing and the massage and stretch to get more flexible in the legs is all connected to strengthening the core.

Today is Thursday and its “Quads, Hamstrings & Calves” day at the gym for me, i guess many people dread leg day but i kind of like it and knows it has to be done..

So i just get in there and do it, empty my brain and go at it with a smile 🙂

Some good music helps.

Yesterday when i was in Saladan i saw one of my friends dogs getting hit by a car, i managed to get a hold of him and he got the dog to Lanta Animal Welfare and then to Bangkok Krabi Animal Hospital in Krabi for x-rays.

The dog´s name is Panda and it looks like he is going to be ok, just a bit smashed up and needs to loose a bit of weight what i understand. The traffic on the island now is frantic, there is just too many cars, people and animals on the road. I am so happy that the dog hopefully will make a full recovery..

I was supposed to go to Laanta Lanta festival in Oldtown last night but totally lost interest, Panda´s scared eyes and hes owner crying over finding hes beloved dog in pain kept me home contemplating how fragile life is and how quick things can change. Noot kept the Alnaeus flag flying high at the festival anyway 🙂

Today is the last night of the festival and i might go down there after the gym to get some protein in my body. Here is a video of a really great band that was playing outside Malee Malle 2 nights ago.

Awesome band at Malee Malee tonight. They playing 2 more days, dont miss to see them at Lanta Festival 🙂

Posted by Jan Alnaeus on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Have a great day all 🙂