Late night here in Thailand and the sandman just abandoned me tonight 🙂 Thinking about starting buying and selling stock again like i did when i first came here. I have less knowledge these days whats going on on the market, back then before the crash i financed some of my projects with money from speculating on the stock market. Im getting some money back from taxes in April and thought i use them to start up again.

So spending the night reading up on whats going on in the real world.

Today was training day “back and biceps” and a lot of stretching afterwards, tomorrow is “chest and triceps”, looking forward to that. Dang, the girl that has been giving me massages the last few months unfortunately had to leave the island and go home to Chang Mai again. Im not going to go into why but it was for personal reasons, very sad to see her go. Have to look for another masseuse with chiropractor skills until Dang hopefully returns.

Met an old friend on the last day of Lanta Festival, hes name is Bob and he used to have a bar and restaurant in Long beach long ago called Country Lao. They had some of the best food on the island at that time, back then we stayed in Saladan and spent a lot of time there. Bob had the misfortune to have an accident involving electricity and got badly hurt, he had a very hard time moving because of the scars after that. Imagined my surprise when i bumped in to him at the festival and he looked great and very healthy for a 56 year old Thai rasta man 🙂 It was a happy reunion.

Me, Bob and Buch

Had dinner at Yang Restaurant in Klong Nin with good friends from Gotland a couple of nights ago, great food an company. Frida and Martin, the owners of Yang are from Sweden and despite of that i can highly recommend a visit. 😉

Tommy and Inger

Well i guess it´s time to go to bed a few hours now..  i must confess i sometimes enjoy staying up really late, it goes in cycles. Some good music in my headphones, a nice cup of tea and a good read or movie.

Good night, sleep well…  i know i will.. the sandman finally found hes way here.