Home alone, Noot is in Phathalung with her father for a few days. Noot´s mom went on a buss tour from their village to go and respect the Thai King so Noot´s at home taking care of her dad.

So sitting here in front of my computer and getting nostalgic 🙂 There is much to be said about my childhood, but i am not going to bore you with that.  There is also much to be said about my school years, they were not a happy time for me and i tend not to go down that road in my mind too often.

Anyway i grew up out in the countryside of Sweden, close to Arlanda international airport. When i was 15 i got my first motorbike and got a job at the airport for the weekends making sandwiches for the planes.

Winter or summer me and my friends was always on those bikes, me back and forth to work as soon as i was free from school. In the small community where we lived there were no or almost no foreigners at all and i remember the first day at work coming to a place that was a melting pot of nationalities. I loved it, the job was so stressful but the people there was just amazing. Many happy memories and many tragedies happened there in the forthcoming years, i lost friends and made friends. I remember a Greek guy named Emanuel, he was in charge of one of the sandwich departments, he literally worked himself to death. He was always so stressed, there was always a deadline to be met and one day when he was off work at home in Uppsala he had a heart attack and died. We were all devastated and sad, not long after that another friend, a finish girl named Satu died in a car accident on the way from a late night on the town.

It was a really tough environment to work in but what choice do people have, everyone have to make a living.  I remember a girl named Lin Chi from Thailand, we worked together very often. She was the most beautiful girl i ever seen, smart, funny and very different from most Swedish girls i knew. She was married to a Swedish man and they had recently had a kid, at that time i was studying in high school in a town nearby, i had just got my driver licence and bought my first car. Sometimes when we were free she called me and i visited her at her home when her husband was at work, it was obvious were this was leading. We both agreed not to take it any further for her family’s sake, tough but just decision i guess..

I did my military service in an island called Gotland, my parents used to take me and my brother there every summer from when we were little. I have some great childhood memories from there. After i finished my service i just figured i´d stay there so i did.

I had some crazy years on Gotland, whatever i missed prior to that i took it back 10 times over. I socialized with a lot of people of different nationalities and eventually ended up owning a couple of restaurants with a Mexican and a Greek, crazy fun times.

A few years later by accident almost i ended up in Ko Lanta, my girlfriend in Sweden at the time suddenly decided to go to Israel to work in a kibbutz and i was a bit shocked but had  money in my pocket and some free time on my hands. I was thinking about Lin Chi and all the story’s she told me about that beautiful country on the other side of the globe and thought, why not? I bought a Let´s Go guidebook and a ticket to Bangkok with Aeroflot, i had no plan whatsoever and did not open the book before i was on board. On the plane i met a couple who was going to Ko Lanta, after chatting for hours they asked me to tag along – i said sure.

And here i am some 23 years later – no regrets.

So what can be said about this, well i always had a hard time feeling at home anywhere. Ever since that time working at Arlanda most of my friends been of foreign heritage. I found homes away from home on Gotland and on Ko Lanta, i love both places equally. Gotland 25 years ago was a great place, a melting pot for many nationalities, artists and hippies, eventually i found Gotland to have become a bit too hi-so and expensive for my taste but it is still one of the most beautiful places i know. When i return there i always feel like i´m coming home.

Until the next nostalgia moment, here is a picture of my bike in Gotland for many years.

Have a great day all.