Riders pain


Took my Triumph for a spin the other day all the way to Phatthalung to spend the night and see Noot and her parents a bit. It is amazing how i´m a magnet for rain 🙂 There has been no rain for quite some time now but at sunset just before i reached Trang it hit, big rain, thunder and lightning. But this time i came prepared, the weather gods did not get me wet this time.  When i was in Sweden last time i bought proper rain gear, jacket, pants, gloves and slip on waterproof shoe covers. The rain stopped not long after i got my gear on and the last leg between Trang and Phatthalung went like a breeze. It was nice to get away from Lanta a bit, the next morning i left mid day to go back home again. I´t was a beautiful day and the ride was enjoyable.

Between Trang and Phatthalung.

The distance between Ko Lanta and Phatthalung is 110km as a straight line but much longer by road, i guess i did about 400 km in 18 hours. I stopped for a break in Pak Meng Beach for lunch.

Pak Meng

When i got back home my back and bottom felt pretty sore, i did not have a proper massage for a while and the ones i had with Dang lately was just to stretch my legs for flexibility. A few days before i left for Phatthalung i remember reading a post in a local facebook group recommending good massage places on the island, i looked it up before i took of to the gym that day. Of course Dang came highly recommended but that did not help me much she being off the island and all. Other recommendations was Manee Lanta and Summer Leaf Lanta both located in Klong Kong. I had been to Manee a few times before i found Dang, she is very good at her trade but i prefer Dang´s style of massage before hers. Anyway that day i slowed down outside Summer Leaf Lanta to take a peak and stumbled on the owner that was just coming back from the government office. Her name is P.P, don´t ask me what it stands for 🙂 , we had a good chat, her English was pretty good. She told me her “master masseuse” was very good at her trade and came highly recommended by a lot of customers. Before i left she gave me a business card and told me i was welcome back any time.

On Saturday when i came back from my trip i decided to go check it out the day after, and i did.

So i´m walking in to SLL and are greeted by P.P. in the door , she tells me the good masseuse are free and have time for me right now. We agree that i should have a 1 1/2 hour oil massage to fix up my sore shoulders and legs, i say: Great lets go 🙂 Out comes this short a bit elderly woman and presenting herself as; Tuck tuck, she ask me to take my shorts and shirt of and lay down on my stomach. With dang i usually have a pair of thin shorts on and i´m not much for taking my clothes of in front of people i don´t know but what the hell, they have drapes here. So i´m laying there on the bed in my underwear and waiting for it to start, the woman starts to massage me very softly for a while and asks me if i´m ok all the time, does it hurt? I´m thinking this not going to go well, i´m used with Dang´s hands of steel and i am not doing this for pleasure. I tell her she don´t need to be so soft with me, i can take the pain..  She finally gets it and starts checking my blemishes out, the truth is it turned out great.. she found my bad spots, corrected some things in my legs and back and after a while i had to ask her if she was ok? 🙂 She told me with a smile that i was very hard work,  my muscles was very keng(hard). Tuk Tuk had a bit different softer but still distinct approach on the muscles than Dang which was not bad at all, we will see what it can do. Overall it was a great massage and we agreed that i should come back next Sunday to do some more work on my legs. I´m happy to have found this lady, strong hands, lots of knowledge and also my type of humor i think. A bit pricey for 600 baht but absolutely worth the money, i´m looking forward to the next time.

Today i woke up and my body felt much better again, went to the gym for “back and biceps” day.

Got stuck in the rain at the gym but i can think of worse places to be 😉 Tomorrow i´m back for chest and triceps, happy days 🙂

Have a great day all!