Trouble downhill


Went for a quick trip to Krabi the other day, ran some errands and had some nice Korean BBQ with Noot.

It is a great way to eat together, just pick the things you like and eat as much as you want.

There is plenty of produce to choose from.

Plenty of proteins, salads and desserts.

Pretty good value for 179 baht if you go for the healthy stuff.

This morning i went to Saladan to pick up the daily groceries for the restaurant, on the way back just before NOON Restaurant just down the hill i encountered this.

A buss full of Thai tourists had just had an accident.

One western tourist on a motorbike accidentally got stuck under the buss when it flipped over.

Luckily no one was badly hurt (otherwise i wouldn´t have taken any pictures) and medical assistance was in place very quickly.

The situation was handled quickly by the local police and not before long i was able to pass and finally arrive home at the restaurant.

An hour later when i was on my way to Saladan to go to the gym they had managed to get the buss back on it´s wheels again.

On the way i noticed that a couple of new medical clinics had popped up, the big business continues.

How many do we have on the island now, does anyone keep count…

Tonight i spent the better half of the night playing FarCry Primal on my computer even though i should probably sleep instead. Well it was a long time since i played last time, i find it to be great fun to just loose myself in a good computer game for a few hours now and then..

Tomorrow is “Shoulders, traps and forearms” day at the gym, looking forward to that.

Now time for bed, have a great day tomorrow all and stay safe on the road wherever you are.