Man and Machine.


On Monday 11 am i had time service my Triumph Bonneville in Phuket close to Phuket Town. The reason i haven´t ridden it so much lately is i get a lot of pain in my legs after a while when riding long distances. Riding to Phatthalung last week was no exception and it made the last leg on the trip less enjoyable than it could have been. I have been working on this idea with highway pegs for a year or so now, actually my brother who is a blacksmith was supposed to build me a pair but i know he is very busy with his own projects. The other day i set of to meet one of the local blacksmiths on the island.

After a few visits he managed to build me something that could pass for a pair of highway pegs.

Not as nice looking as if my brother would have done it i´m sure but i was pretty pleased with the result.

Here is the pegs fitted om my dirty bike, did not bother to wash it before the Phuket trip.

So Sunday i went to the gym to do the “monday” scheduled workout and then i was on my way to Krabi for the night.

Stayed in our condominium in Krabi town over night, it was a very improvised stay because of the last work finally being done there. In the morning i left early for Phuket and 250 km later i arrived at Triumph, my back and legs felt much better than previous rides because of the ability to stretch out on the highway pegs.

Not much to do around there but wait, the service took about 3 and a half hours and i spent time checking out the bikes and just relaxed in their big comfy sofas.

When it finally was time to go back, of course it started raining so had to put on my rain gear. The rain lasted all the way to the Phuket bridge and then it stopped, i took a chance and took it of  and was lucky enough not to have any rain all the way to Ko lanta.

On the way back i stopped in Ao Luek to stretch my legs, the highway pegs did miracles for me and i felt quite ok. I think i did almost 600 km in one day and i still felt quite good.

Good enough to take a selfie with Mickey and The Hulk 😉 When i got back i had a great well deserved burger and an ice cold beer at Cheeky Monkey in Klong Dao before returning to the garage and finally home.

Today the plan is to wash the bike, go to the gym and finally have a massage tonight. Have a great day all.