To the party and back..


Today is Friday and everything is back to my normal routine again.

On Wednesday there was a biker meet that some of the local bikers organizes every year, this time it was in Long Beach. I did my Thursday gym routine one day early in case it turned out to be a ” wet” night.

The band (Mister Sister) for the night was from Ao Nang and played a lot of punk/heavy rock classics.

Most of the local bikers and a few “Outsiders” had shown up despite a very rainy day, luckily the rain stopped after sunset.

It was a fun night to remember and i was home around 2.30 am.

On Thursday i woke up almost at mid day but felt fresh because i did not drink much the night before. Went for a massage and then of to my friend Buch 40 year Birthday.

It turned out to be a very nice night, for a present he had got a night at a luxury villa on a hilltop near Long beach. We had some nice food and drink, my first pizza in a while.

The view from the terrace was stunning and the private swimming pool a nice touch ūüôā Intentionally everyone left a bit early to let Buch and his girlfriend have some¬†private time and enjoy their amazing villa.

During the night i had this dream about my father that left this life far to early. We were sitting at the kitchen table chatting as we often did, i remember thinking.. but you are dead and asking him if he was ok.. he replied,; Yes i¬īm fine just a little back pain. When i woke up, for a few seconds i was still so happy and convinced he was still alive.. but of course it was just a dream. I miss him. Today has been one of those days when i¬†really miss my parents. I will be home visiting my mom in June, really looking forward to that.

Here is my father on a AJS, 500cc that he bought on the 2nd of may 1953. We both always really shared the love of motorcycles.

Otherwise today, as i said in the beginning… everything is back to normal again, been to the gym, had another massage to try to¬†get my legs sorted and no junk food¬†only healthy stuff to eat again. Tomorrow i will do one more leg massage then rest and work a bit with my dogs.

Have a great day all.