Been going 5 months to the gym now and it is starting to pay off. Still have a long way to go to get to where i would like to be but it is getting closer.

No six pack yet but but definitely getting closer, you can see the outlines and my abdominal split is just about healed up. Staying away from sugar as much as i can combined with a healthy diet most of the time really helps me to feel much better both physically and mentally.

I really am happy that i changed my life around before it was too late, knock on wood. Who knows what happens tomorrow all we can do is do the best we can and be true to ourselves. I was happy to wake up today and realize that i have been sober for a week since my friends birthday last Thursday and i haven’t even thought about it.. weird but good 🙂

Talking about sugar… saw this outside a 7 eleven in Saladan the other day, the biggest sugar villain in the world (maybe) have a BMI meter outside 🙂 Try to find something sugar free in your local 7 eleven and you will quickly realize it is like mission impossible. Do they do this on purpose to make people depressive 😉


Thats it for today folks, tomorrow i will go a quick trip to Krabi to get some stuff for a house we rented in Saladan. more about that in a couple of days.

Have a great day all.