Asskickin´ Earphones


Today we been in Nakhon Si Thammarat to pick up our new family member Pepper, a pure breed Bangkaew puppy dog, 52 days old. My good she have a lot of energy 🙂

More about her tomorrow …

Today i just wanted to review something i got from Lazada today.

The Awei Wireless sports earphones A990BL (a bargain for 469 baht), together with ..

the Pay-Version of Poweramp Music Player on my ZenFone it simply ..

Great bass and sound, blocks out everything around, great quality and interface.. my ears love it 🙂

Good Night, its time for me to go to bed after a long day, sleep well all.



My Gadgets

Hi just wanted to talk a bit about the gadgets that help me keep track of my health progress.

  • Digital LCD Wrist Blood Pressure monitor/Heart rate meter. Bought at Lazada for 341 baht, works really well and makes accurate readings. It helps me to keep track of my high blood pressure that is now back to normal again.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness tracker. It features a step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. 3 weeks use on one charge, compatible with android apps and Google Fit. It has notifications for calls, text messages and selected applications. It is a great gadget and very affordable, i bought mine with free delivery on eBay for just a bit over 1000 baht.

  • Exeter Thermo Pad KT010. Great for relieve muscle pain (especially in my bad neck) and increase blood circulation. Bought on Lazada for 1490 baht.

Have a nice healthy day!


Computer breakdown.

At my office i have a desktop computer that broke down last night, the computer just stopped working..  i thought it could be overheating so i just went to bed and made plans to fix it this morning.

I started cleaning out inside my desktop with a small brush and a vacuum cleaner, it sure was very dusty in there .. haven’t cleaned it for a year or so. When i tried to turn it on after cleaning inside it, it still did not work. The second solution to this problem is usually cleaning the ram.  Living in a humid climate as we are the connectors on the ram gets corroded after a while and you have to clean them. I use a soft rubber to clean the connectors, rub the rubber back and forth across the connectors a few times, don´t overdo it…  this procedure generates static electricity that can harm the ram.  After cleaning the connectors i just cleaned up the rest with a soft small paint brush, some people use rubbing alcohol.. for me i just dust them off.


After putting the ram back everything worked again.

Living in a tropical climate it is helpful to know about this, it saved me many trips to the computer guy over the years.

A good tip is to use thin pvc gloves or use hand disinfection when you work inside your computer, no fat fingers. Seeing how the prodigy´s in the local computer workshop handles your precious computer can be a scary experience, better take care of the problem yourself if you can 🙂


Have a nice day!