Days go by..


Just an update what is going on at the moment. Had a night on the town yesterday, went to Cheeky monkey and had a great time there as usual. Went to The Ozone late for one more beer.

In total 5 beers all night and i could feel it, slept really well.

Today i woke up without a hangover 🙂 and went to the gym for the last time this week.

Had a great workout, i have been drinking the new Meiji Chocolate milk pre-workout this week and feel it has given a good boost.

A bit pricey for 49 baht but worth the money.

Tomorrow me and Noot will be going to Klong Muang for a short weekend holiday and to see the yearly festival there.


Going to be nice to get away from Lanta a bit, not sure if i will ride the bike or not.. i will decide tomorrow. Noot want to take the car so i think i will drive the car..  I will post some pics in the beginning of next week.

And yes i booked 2 tickets to Sweden tonight, on 19th of june we will fly out from Bangkok to Stockholm.

Have a great weekend all, im sure i will 🙂



New workout routine


Days go by so fast, its incredible. Today was Valentines day and we had friends from Gotland over to the restaurant for dinner. It was nice to meet old friends again.


Janne Bertholdson entertaining 🙂

After everything quieted down here i got a chance to finish my new training program. I will be training 4 days a week from next week. Here is the schedule:

Monday; Back and Biceps.

  • Dumbbell dead-lift
  • One arm dumbbell row
  • Lat pull-down
  • Chest supported dumbbell rows
  • Seated cable rows
  • Biceps curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Seated dumbbell curls

Tuesday; Chest and Triceps

  • Flat dumbbell bench press
  • Incline dumbbell bench press
  • Bench dips
  • Pec dec
  • Machine chest press
  • Dumbbell scull crushers
  • Seated overhead dumbbell extensions
  • Cable triceps extensions

Wednesday; Rest

Thursday; Quads, Hamstrings and Calves

  • Crush grip goblet squat
  • Dumbbell leg press
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • Leg extensions
  • Dumbbell stiff leg dead-lift
  • Leg curls
  • Standing dumbbell calf-rise
  • Seated dumbbell calf-rise

Friday; Shoulders, Traps and Forearms

  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Seated Arnold press
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Hammer grip incline dumbbell bench-press
  • Dumbbell upright row
  • Dumbbell shrug
  • Dumbbell wrist curl
  • Farmers walk

Saturday and Sunday; Rest

All exercises are modified to suit what is available at the gym. Every workout will start with 10-15 minutes cardio followed by a short pre-workout stretch and warm-up.

After every workout i will do a stretch and yoga combined session of 15 minutes, the workout time will not exceed 1 hour. I will keep the exercises to 3 sets each and between 8-15 reps, in some of the exercises i will do 5 minute burnouts. I will to planks, not sit-ups after every workout as well, my abdominal split is almost healed and almost ready to go hard 🙂

That´s it, hope this, together with a balanced diet will work in my favor, would be cool to gain a bit of muscle mass 🙂

Here is a picture of me and Peters dog Clay hanging out by the pool a couple of days ago.

Have a great day all!





Trends come and go..


Today i wanted to talk a bit about the yearly trends we see on the island. When i first sat foot on Lanta somewhat 23 years ago there was not much here. Over the years we seen electricity, proper roads, telephone etc come our way, and every year there is some new trend that someone starts and many others are quick to follow.

I remember when mini marts popped up in every corner, when everyone should have a internet cafe and when every place should have a do it yourself laundry machine.

Last year the trend was easy to spot, with roads getting in worse condition and the increasing number of cars and motorbikes on the island, the number of accidents been sky rocketing. Lots of Chinese tourists that don´t have a clue how to drive and foreigners and Thais that drives without knowledge and care have made the Medical Clinic business a very lucrative one. Almost every tourist that drive here have travel insurance and when there is an accident the clinics are quick to overcharge the insurance companies. The crazy thing right now is that the clinics compete to get first at the scene and that contributes to even more accidents.

Here is a few clinics that i passed by on my way from Kantiang Bay to Saladan today, this is not all of them and i haven’t even included the biggest government hospital, “Lanta Hospital”.

Check this out:

Nurse Practitioner Clinic, Klong Nin

Andaman International Clinic, Klong Nin

Doctor Lanta, Klong Nin

Aqua Emergency, Klong Toab

Derma Care, Klong Toab

South Lanta, Klong Kong

International Medical Clinic, Long Beach

Siam International Clinic, Long Beach

Dr Salarin, Long Beach

Andaman International, Long Beach

Lanta Physical, Klong Dao

Bangkok Health, Klong Dao

South Lanta, Klong Dao

Saladan Health Center, Government Run, Saladan

This is the ones i noticed on the west side of Lanta today, i am sure more are being built and will open soon. As i wrote in a prior post, Thailand has the second most accidents in the world at the moment and some people are making a fortune on it. It looks like we might not see any new paved roads for a while..  Good or not, you are always close to a doctor if you have an accident, just remember to have proper insurance otherwise it will cost you dearly.

Oh and i forgot to mention there is numerous pharmacies around the island as well 😉

Have a nice day all and drive safe.


Down south..


Spent the last couple of days down south.

Yesterday me and Noot left Lanta early for one of my mandatory visa runs to Wangprachan border checkpoint in Satun. We drove our Nissan Almera and arrived mid day, there was very little people and no queue at the checkpoint. Everything went very fast and smooth.

Took a quick look in the tax-free shop and found 3 one liter bottles of Teachers for 760 baht, that is like 190 Swedish crowns for 3 bottles… that is so cheap. Whisky – soda coming to a bench nearby soon 😉

After the border run we went to our house and Noots parents in Phatthalung to spend the night. The next morning, today was the time to go see my doctor in Wattanapat Hospital in Trang.

I did abdominal ultrasound, blood works, urinal check and sperm count. The sperm count was as expected not the best result but the rest was absolutely great. No signs of fatty liver anymore and all the other tests showed excellent results. That was a big relief for me and Dr Harper and Noot was also very pleased. All the hard work the last few months actually paid off, i almost could not believe it. About the sperm test, i will get back to that and my progress in the not so distant future. I was suggested to have my next checkup in 2 years time, yeah 🙂

As we were in Trang i passed by the Tops market in Robinson Department store.

Time to stock up on organic apple cider vinegar 310 baht.

We stopped at pack Meng Beach on the way back to Lanta for some late lunch.

So today was my 97th day sober in a row, when i feel ready i will have a drink or two with friends. Mission save the liver and get healthy accomplished. Thanks all for the support, tomorrow i will be back in the gym again for a good workout.

Now time for bed, sleep well!





Changes, maybe…


Today i woke up at 8 and let the dog out, went back to sleep until 10..  im so lazy 🙂 Noot came back really late so did not fell asleep until 4 am last night. Anyway i think i got enough sleep, did half an hour yoga and after this it´s of to the gym again.  I have been planning to change my training a bit, i am running out of fat to burn and don´t want to be too big but lean and strong instead.

This pic is from our condo in Krabi a couple of nights ago. I bought a protein supplement from Club Protein Online, 820 baht for a 1 kilo pack.

Great price and amazingly quick delivery with Kerry Express for 50 baht. So going to consume some of this after every time i work out to make sure my muscles get enough food. I also ordered some Creatine from Lazada.

Got 300 gram pack for 590 baht at Lazada, not to bad. Creatine is good for reducing muscle recovery time and helps to boost ATP.

“Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the biochemical way to store and use energy. For your muscles — in fact, for every cell in your body — the source of energy that keeps everything going is called ATP. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the biochemical way to store and use energy.”

I will take this in small doses before i train, not hundred percent sure how it will affect my liver so have to be a bit careful and not go over the recommended dosage.

I have been developing a new training program that i will try out today, my idea was to start training short training sessions 5 days a week focusing on separate muscle groups each time.  After giving it a lot of thought i realized that wont work for me, i think i have to do a whole body workout every other day as usual instead. It is time to attack the muscles in a different way though not to get stuck on a plateau where nothing happens. The gym where i train don´t have barbells (i am completely happy with that at the moment) so i will do:

  • Dumbbell swings
  • Dumbbell triple rows
  • Dumbbell curl and press
  • Crush grip goblet squats
  • Pullover
  • Farmers carrier
  • Thrusters
  • Incline bench press
  • Bicep wall curl
  • Seated leg curls

for a couple of weeks. I will start exploring “Rest-Pause Training” and see where that takes me.

“By resting or taking a 10-15 second pausebetween each rep you can actually help increase your strength and muscle hypertrophy. Restpause training breaks down one set into numerous mini-sets, with 10-15 second rests in between.”

That´s it for today folks, tomorrow i am of to the border and then a quick stop at my parents in law and then a visit to my doctor in Trang on Wednesday.

Have a great day all!


Quick bike trip


Yesterday after i had done my daily duties at the restaurant i decided to go and pick up some leather clothes and a bag that i had left at my friends leather shop on the way to Krabi.

I loaded up my old Magna with a full tank and some rain clothes and i was off.

Everything went smooth, i installed a high amp power battery a couple of weeks earlier and now i finally don´t need to worry about the bike not starting.

I arrived at the shop that is located just before Nuea Klong on the way to Krabi around 5 pm.

Chitinan, the shop owner greeted me with a smile as usual and i got my repaired leathers back in new good condition. I can highly recommend her if you have leather things to repair, her phone number is; 0805383917 and she is open most days until 6 pm.

Saw the sunset on the ferry on my way back.

Awesome ride again and the bike ran like a dream, who can ask for more.

Have a great day all.



Planning for the future


Today i want to reflect on what is going on in my life and how to proceed.

On the 8th, in 6 days i will go to Wattanapat Hospital in Trang to check my liver values and blood works. When i first went there to check my liver on the 8th of November 2016 i had already been to the gym for a month and my weight was down from 99 to 96 kilos. My liver showed signs of “fatty liver” and my blood pressure and cholesterol was still high, my doctor told me to ease down on the alcohol and change lifestyle. I went back to the hospital one month later, no alcohol lots of gym and healthy foods had made my blood works better, blood pressure was lower but still a bit high and my weight was down to just under 90 kilos.

Now another 2 months has gone i am still sober and enjoying the awesomeness of feeling great, weight is down to just over 80 kilos and my BMI has decreased drastically. I know my blood pressure is normal and i am excited to see how my liver have reacted to 3 months of healthy living. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok.

Right now my training is going through a transition, i have used up and transformed most of my fat reserves into muscles tissue and to be able to go even further i need to start taking protein supplements and a couple of other things to be able to build more muscle mass. I am not looking to become a bodybuilder, i just want a bit more muscles and to make that happen my body needs more fuel.

My Yoga training has been a blessing and i feel better and more flexible from it everyday, soon i will have to find someone who is interested in coaching me when it comes to going further into learning and practice as well.

Other than that this coming month includes taking a weeks well deserved rest from the gym (if i can), having a ice cold beer with friends if my liver is better. I will start drinking again but very moderately, there will be no more hangovers for me. To remind me i will put a “vegvisir” tattoo on my right arm to keep me going in the right direction in life.

More updates about my checkup and the new supplements soon.

Have a great day!




Early hours


Yesterday was training day and i missed it, went to Krabi with Noot and Jeab to run errands and to give Pepper her second shot at the vet.

Left Pepper at the vet for a couple of hours.

Got back late last night so no training yesterday, today i will go full power with both yoga and gym.

Got a proper scale yesterday and checked it out this morning, 82,7 not too bad. The scale at the gym been showing the wrong numbers, Conny changed it a few days ago but thought i would get my own one anyway. Found this on Tesco Lotus for a little over 700 baht. So lost almost 17 kilo since i started this journey 4 months ago. Not to bad considering my body mass index changed considerably as well.

Today seems to be a sunny day so far, yesterday looked the same in the morning but ended up as the usual rainy one in the end. No one understands the weather at the moment, monsoon in January, wtf.

Here is the view from outside my door this morning, still sunny.

Yesterday i got another shipment of Jiaogulan Tea, been giving it away for presents and even sent my mother in Sweden one with the post.

Jiaogulan Tea or Gynostemma pentaphyllum has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and is known as ” The Herb of Immortality” or “Southern Ginseng”. I have been drinking this tea regularly now for a few months, it is supposed to lower blood-sugar ,  lower blood-pressure and give you a better night sleep among other things. I believe it to have only good effects on your body and mind, that makes it a good present to give away to people you care about as well. I usually buy a pack of 3 bags on Lazada for 360 baht, including free delivery.

Here is a link if you are interested in the benefits of the herb: Jiaogulan Benefits

Now time to start off the day properly with some Yoga.

Have a great day all.








Yesterday was one more rainy day, January seem to be the new June and the monsoon newer seem to want to stop. Did yoga in the morning, spent time in Saladan during the day, went to see my Swedish  friends Tommy and Inger that has been ill with bad colds lately. I was happy to see that they were feeling better, after that i went to the gym around 5 pm.

Did cardio, pre-workout stretch and then some heavy lifting for an hour. After my set i was alone in the gym and thought i do some yoga postures along with my regular stretch routine, after a while i ended up in “childs pose”.

While doing the stretch my left arm always hurt a bit in the shoulder area, my collarbone has been broken twice on the left side.. last time was 2 years ago. While i was getting deeper in the stretch, breathing out, my shoulder made a cracking sound and i realized .. wow, everything loosens up and despite a slight discomfort it feels great.

As i realized a few months ago when i started my journey towards a healthier life, some things that need attention in your body is most of the time connected to another bad thing in your body. When you fix one thing, over time a lot of other things will be fixed in the process. Yesterday my shoulder went in to it´s right place again, the cartilage that got loose going to dissapear by it self and more good things will follow for sure. Feel fantastic today, my left leg is better as well.. no more pain so far..

Everything’s connected, feeling religious almost…  love it 🙂

Have a great day all!



Surviving the Thai traffic


Today i going to write about the Thai traffic and the reality of it.

This is my every day reality. 2 nights ago i was going home from Klong Dao to Kantiang Bay on my 125cc Honda, i arrive at the scene just after the accident happened. There is one western man laying on the ground with his motorbike next to him, i see he is badly hurt and someone is calling an ambulance.  I stop and put my motorbike diagonal out in traffic to redirect it, don´t want the poor guy to get hit a second time. The ambulance arrives quickly and the road is cleared, i continue home. The next morning i am on my way up to Saladan again to go to the Gym, after Klong Kong i see that an accident just happened. A man is sitting by the roadside with his face all bloody, he must have crashed and landed on his face without a helmet. People taking care of him while waiting for the ambulance.. i continue on. This is our everyday reality here, we who live here are so used to it so we don´t even react anymore. I did not even mention these accidents to anyone until now.

So what can be said about the accident statistics.

According to a WHO report Thailand has the second highest number of road accidental deaths in the world after war-ravaged Libya.

To get an idea how many accidents we talk about lets take a look at the New year, also known in Thailand as “The seven deadliest days”. From December 29 to January 4, 2017 478 people was killed in accidents on the roads of Thailand. 4128 people was reported injured and 3919 road accidents occurred, and this is just the ones we know of.

Around 80 people lose their lives in the Thai traffic every day all year around.

According to official statistics, 14,059 people were killed on Thai roads and highways in 2012, translating to a road-death rate of 36.2 people per 100,000.

The WHO estimates 24,237 were actually killed in 2012 based on its models, 42% more than stated by Thailand’s Public Health Ministry.

So what can you expect when you are driving in Thailand?

  • First, always expect the unexpected.
  • Turning without using a turn signal.
  • Driving without light or only with highlight.
  • Driving against traffic and on sidewalks.
  • Animals in the middle of the road.
  • Drunk and intoxicated driving.
  • Bad roads with big potholes.
  • Kids under 15 driving.
  • Road-rage and speeding.
  • Drivers with no drivers licence no experience.
  • Overloaded trucks and cars.

This is just a few things that you need to get used to when living here.

So as a foreigner trying to survive on the roads here, what do you need to think about?

  • If you have no experience about driving, don´t drive.. take a taxi.
  • Drive on the left side.
  • Use a helmet and try not to drive drunk.
  • Don´t insult Thai drivers.
  • Walk towards the traffic on the right so you can see whats coming.
  • Don´t drive to slow and keep to the side when people want to pass you.
  • Have a proper insurance.
  • Use common sense.

Stay safe on the roads and have a great day!







Body stretch


The last few days has been a journey into deep stretching and Yoga, i had no idea how demanding these exercises were. My massage therapist Deng suggested me to start doing it and now i finally gotten around to it.

Every mornings and sometimes nights this scary sight can be seen in my office. I have been stretching regularly both before and after cardio and gym but it haven’t been enough. Now i try to deepen the stretches and mix in a lot of Yoga, i must admit i love it so far. I started out learning 12 basic poses and how to breath properly.

  1. Cat pose
  2. Mountain pose
  3. Standing forward bend
  4. Lunge
  5. Standing stretch
  6. Tree pose
  7. Downward facing dog
  8. Cobra
  9. Child’s pose
  10. Seated spinal twist
  11. Seated forward bend
  12. Final relaxation pose

Trying to get all these positions right and increase flexibility will be next weeks challenge. More updates about this will come as i move along into new territory.

I added a new thing to my dietary list, something i really love:

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, i got it as a present from an American friend and quickly developed an addiction.

The best part is you can now get in Thailand and my friend are sending me a box of this from Chang Mai, this really helps to make anything that is tasteless or boring to taste much better. Love it.

Got another gift from a Swedish friend couple of weeks ago, say hello to my little friend ” Gamle Ole” aka Stinky Cheese.

A piece of this beauty now and then can brighten up any day, and it does. Thank you Stellan 🙂

Have a great day all!





The Garage


Yesterday i spent my rainy day fixing up my old car, throwing garbage and fixing with my Honda Scooter. Here is a couple of pictures from my man cave.

Combined restaurant storage, man cave and bedroom, located on long beach.

I got the bikes here and when i have some time of this is where i hide out. This is also my “dressing room” for the gym, got most of the gym stuff here.

Yesterday was such a rainy day, perfect for doing some work on one of the bikes. Later i ended up with Peter and Lek for dinner at banana and after that i went to pick up Noot that had a day of with “girl friends” in old-town.

Today of to the gym again soon, the cold is better but got a light strain in one of my feet..  well today will be back day anyway so looking forward to that.

Have a great day all!