After my doctor told me she saw signs of me getting a fatty liver i have been reading up on good remedies to make a fast recovery, well those of you who read this blog all know what i have been doing lately.. right  🙂

After reading up on turmeric i decided to add it to my daily diet. I bought some turmeric powder and tried to integrate it in to my daily diet, truth is the taste is not good at all. Eating the way i do at the moment it is very important to me to make every meal tasteful and enjoyable. I decided to go for pills instead.

I have a good friend who´s mom is a real amazing doctor/healer, she agreed to bring some turmeric pills for me next time she come to visit from her home in Vietnam. Today i got them and i am very happy and thankful about it.

For those of you who don`t know bout the benefits of taking turmeric, here is a short list.

I will take 2 pills daily and we will see how it is going to affects me, i will post an update in a few weeks.

Now off to the gym.

Have a beautiful day.



The Gym


Just wanted to show you guys the gym where i been spending a lot of time the last couple of months.

It´s a resort gym and not too big, it has all i need including lots of dumbbells 🙂

The good thing is i am almost always alone in here around 4 pm when i train. I guess i am not a very social guy.

Today was cardio day: warm-up, cross-trainer 30 min and then stretching.

 Lets go 😉

Have a great day!


Dang, the 48 year old miracle girl from Chang Rai.

Dang runs a massage at OTTO Bar, Klong Nin, Koh Lanta.

With the walls covered with numerous massage related education diplomas you expect her to be really good at her profession, and she is 🙂

Over the last month shes been working on this complex thing called, “My Body” and i must confess i cant remember the last time this complex thing felt better than now.

With the knowledge, heart, strength and ability to pinpoint and fix every blemish she is simply the best medical masseur i ever came across.

I highly recommend her.

Have a nice day all 🙂



So yesterday i was in Trang to visit  Doctor Harper at Watanapat Hospital and take my second Twinrix vaccination (Hepatitis A & B vaccine) and check my blood levels.

I was very happy to hear that i dont have to take any medication anymore, including the high blood pressure one and my blood levels looked fine.

I am especially happy that my triglyceride value dropped from 236 to 99 mg/dl and i lost 6 kg fat on the scale.

No wonder the good Doctor said Congratulations!

Now back to the gym, gonna loose another 5 kilo, change my vitamin intake a bit to target my low sperm count and keep sober from alcohol for as long as it feels right.

My next check up will be in February but more about that when the time comes.

Me and my good friend Peter and his dog Clay enjoying the good weather in the best way there is – on the bikes .

Have a great day 🙂



Morning routine.

Yesterday i was at my massage girl Dang for a 2 hour long attempt to fix my bad left shoulder that was broken a while back, she did a great job as usual and today im very sore and ordered to rest. So no gym today but i will hopefully do a long walk on the beach in the afternoon to get a little exercise anyway.


My morning routine is i start with a glass of water mixed with a spoon of apple cider vinegar then i make a blueberry smoothie because i really like them and because i need antioxidants. I also take some vitamins, at the moment i do multivitamins. Later in January i will start taking Bio-Selenium, zink, folic-acid, B6 and B12 but will write about why that is later when the time comes 😉 I also take omega-3, 1-2 times a day.


To control my blood pressure and for a lot of other benefits i drink a lot of Jiaogulan Tea, especially in the evening.. i find it to make me sleep better. More about the benefits of Jiaogulan, can be found here: Benefits of Jiaogulan.

If anyone is interested to buy this product in Koh Lanta, Thailand, Jack at Panorama restaurant sells it 🙂

Have a great day!

A month without alcohol.


Hi all, tomorrow i´we been off the booze for a month and been trying to live healthier.

It started 2 months ago when i got access to a gym at a big resort where my friend is GM, i like the idea of not having a lot of people around me when i train and have access to it 24/7. Not a big gym but have everything i need and its very inexpensive for me to train 🙂 I started up slowly and after a week or so noticed that i started to feel better in my body..   I most confess that i have been drinking too much the last few months, and i realized that i should cut down or stop for a while to clean my body from the toxins. I also felt really bored about drinking in general.. its not the first time i quit for a while and i felt it had to be done soon. A month ago i went for a full checkup at Wattanapat Hospital and as i suspected excess drinking the last few months had taken its toll..  nothing serious but reason enough to quit for a while.

So here i am one month later, a lot of new muscles and much lighter.

Here is some of the things that i have been doing the last month.

  • Start the day with a blueberry smoothie.
  • Eat less carbs but enough to make sure my body don´t starve and start burning muscle mass..
  • Vitamins and Fish oil.
  • Less or no sugar and salt.
  • 2 glasses of water and apple cider vinegar a day.
  • Lots of green tea and coconut water.
  • 4 days in the gym per week, 20 min cardio, 40 min weight and 15 minutes stretch.
  • Medical massage after loosing a few kilos then massage once a week.
  • Don´t eat after 7 pm.
  • Try to walk 8000 steps on the no gym days.
  • Monitor my deep sleep and make sure i get enough of it.
  • Monitor weight and resting pulse.

I someones interested i will go in to exactly what and how i eat in a upcoming post.

Have a nice healthy day everyone, time to go to the gym 😉