Hi friends.

Have been a week or two since i wrote here, i have been very busy with our new house, friends, training and internet and social media just haven’t been a priority lately. I wont stop writing on this blog but sometimes i just need to stay of the internet for a while.

About my training; it has been going well and i very much enjoy going to the gym, i have done 11 weeks of my new training program and this week i am not going to the gym but just resting my body. Lifting weights puts a lot of stress on your nervous system, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. To avoid over training and de-motivation my 12th week is recovery week, cant wait to get back in the gym next week 🙂

On Sunday i had a massage session with Dang at Otto bar that is back on the island, i still recovering from that 🙂 Today i will do some very light exercise and then one hour of yoga.

Lately i have been a bit sloppy with my drinking and had a few beer now and then, i am happy to say it haven’t affected my weight or training noticeably. My weight is still under 80 kilo even though my muscles are bigger, next week will be 100% focus on the training though 🙂

Last weekend i went to Krabi for Ao Nang Bikeweek, here is a few pictures from it:

Early morning before leaving for Ao nang.
Meeting up with my old friend Joe in Krabi Town.
Arrived at the Bike Fest around 9 pm.

Hanged with the Outsiders MC and a couple of other friends.
Live performance by Carabao was great 🙂

On the ferry to Lanta the Next day.

This weekend that is coming up are we supposed to go to Samui Bikeweek, but haven’t decided yet.

More to come about that next time.

Have a great day.




“An unexpected treat”


Yesterday i got the unexpected opportunity to tag along on a one-day speedboat trip. We started out 8.30 from Klong Dao.

It had been a while since i had been on a boat trip, and the feeling was great.

We passed Noon on the way down south, everyone still asleep.

On the way to Ko Muk and the famous Morakot Cave, also known as Emerald cave.

After a good hour swimming in to the beach inside the cave we were back in the boat again.

Peter and Conny keeping everyone happy.

Tourist boat on the way to Koh Kradan.

A couple of hours of great snorkeling in the clear waters of Koh Kradan.

Lunch, had my first sandwich for almost 3 months 🙂 .. lovely.

On the way back towards Ko Lanta´s southern point and the national park.

Passing the national park.

Nui Bay, next to Noon.

We had a quick stop at Kantiang Bay for some cold drinks.

And then back to Klong Dao again. A big thanks to Conny for a fantastic treat.

Saw the sunset with Pepper down on Nui bay, Noot was unfortunately busy in the restaurant.

The end of a long fun day, slept early and like a baby. Now of to the gym and some serious training again.

Have a great day all!